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Name: Lee Cianna
Stage name: Cianna
Nickname: Cici Diva (for her amazing voice)
Birthday: 4th November 1997
Birthplace: Anyang, South Korea
Height: 162 cm
Label: JYP entertainment
Group: ONISM
fandom name: 큰 (keun)
Position: Leader, Main vocal


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Grew up in Quebec City, Canada and later moved back to Anyang with her family when she was 17

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Caring, kind, extra and positive. She's very hardworking and takes a lot on her back for her members. Normally, she has a lot of energy and could easily pass for the maknae. She often jokes around and is very funny.

Style: loves soft colors, mom jeans

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On stage:

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gracious while dancing, always has her facial expressions on point

Onism general concept:
They actuallly have a rotating concept, meaning they can go to femme fatale to cutesy fairies.


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Rain (Cianna's solo)

1st album: Constellations

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i love you (debut)
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Today has been ok (ballad)
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que sera, sera
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You won't take my heart

Members of Onism

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Park Sora, 23 : visual, lead rapper, lead singer
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Lee Cianna, 22: Leader, Main vocal
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Kim Bora, 22: Main rapper, Main dancer, sub vocalist, visual, center
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Hirai Asami, 21: Lead vocalist, lead dancer
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In Hyejin, 19: maknae, lead vocalist

Idols friends:

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JYP family (Twice, Got7, Stray Kids, Day6), Mamamoo's Hwasa and Wheein, NCT's Mark and Gfriend's SinB.


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One (Jung Jaewon), her childhood friend and a rapper