I thought that when I finally get away from home I will be just happy, but that's not exactly true. It often happens to remind me that I'm just one big fool who does not know what to do with her life. I can not understand to myself, I don´t know what I want. But then it´s like I woke up from dreaming and I´m happy. Over and over again.

Temporarily removed

After one month I´m starting feel here like home, but not so hopelessly. I have a new hope every day, which I do not have to be so demanding to look for. It usually turns out to be herself. I don´t want to predict anything that is not true, but I think I will be happy here. Really happy, without happy fake mask on my face.

sad, mask, and cry image

If I could stay here, keep myself, I might even be able to integrate here, find friends, maybe love. Well, I do not want to go ahead with the cases. I do not want to give up any hope of hope that will not be fulfilled. I can not manage more unfulfilled dreams and hopes. My heart and soul wouldn´t have done much anymore, my mind would become even more confused than it is now. It would become a madhouse and a madgirl from me. I don´t want to say that I'm no longer now a crazy girl, well, I would call myself a beginner.