Christmas decorations

Decorating my home is one of those things that really gets me into the Christmas spirit.

  • Decorating the Christmas tree
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Don't forget to listen to Christmas Music while decorating!
  • Decorate With lights
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  • Decorate With the colors of Christmas
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Red, green, white, silver and gold is deffinetly the colors to go with for christmas

Christmas Movie calendar

One of my favourite things 'bout December is getting all cozy and watch a Christmas Movie. Having a Christmas Movie calendar is not only inexpencive but also a very nice thing to look forward to every day.

  • Step 1

Make some hot chocolate or tea, find something yummy to eat, put on Your most comfortable clothes and sit down in a cozy spot.

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  • Step 2

Find out which Movie you're gonna watch

Here is an example on a Christmas Movie calendar:

1. A dogwalker's Christmas tale
2. Angel of Christmas
3. How Sarah got her wings
4. Christmas wedding planner
5. The Christmas Chronicles
6. Once upon a holiday
7. The spirit of Christmas
8. The holiday calendar
9. Snowglobe
10. 48 Christmas wishes
11. Fred clause
12. I'll be home for christmas
13. Office Christmas party
14. You can't fight Christmas
15. The grinch saves christmas
16. A Christmas Prince
17. Deck the halls
18. Miracle on 34th street
19. Holiday
20. The polar express
21. Elf
22. Love actually
23. Home Alone 1
24. Home alone 2
25. Christmas vacation

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Gather all of your friends

Arrange the ultimate Christmas week-end With Your friends! Nothing is better than spending quality time With Your favourite People in the world!

  • Bake and decorate gingerbreads
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  • Go skiing or ice skating
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  • Build a snowman and have a snowball fight
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  • Sing along at Christmas karaoke
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  • Watch a Movie
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Wanna spice up the Movie night? Add alcohol


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Take a sip when:
- Buddy says santa
- Buddy eats candy
- Buddy eats something he shouldn't
- Anyone starts singing
- Walter gets angry at Buddy
- Buddy mentions the North pole

Take a shot when:
- Buddy Calls himself a "Cotton-headed ninny-muggins"
- The real santa appears
- Buddy gets drunk
- Jovi starts singing
-There's a snowball fight

Home alone

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Take a sip when:
- Someone mentions a U.S. City
- Pizza is shown on screen
- Someone speaks French
- Harry's gold tooth sparkles
- Kevin eats something
- Marv says "Wet bandits"
- Marv and Harry cling crowbars together

Take a shot when:
- Someone says "keep the change, ya filthy animal"
- A Christmas song is played
- Marv screams
- Someone says "Merry Christmas"
- Fuller takes a drink of soda
- Kevin screams

Love actually

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Take a sip when:
- Someone says "wank", "bugger", "piss", "bollocks" or "bloody"
- Someone says "actually"
- Colin Firth makes any poor attempt to communicate With Aurelia
- The song "Christmas is all around you" starts
- Someone wears a santa-inspired outfit

Take a shot when:
- You see someone wearing a turtleneck
- Sam Plays the drums
- Someone cries
- Someone wears a Christmas sweather

  • Go to a Christmas market
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  • Go shopping for Christmas gifts
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  • Go to a cabin
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  • Buy matching pyjamas and wear them all day
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That's all for now! Keep an eye open for my next article about Christmas gift ideas!