So you've been with them for a while now...
Everything is normal.. Then BOOM-----
"it hasnt been working out"
"if you wouldve let me break up with you, wed be broken up by now.."


Well here are some ways to let go and slowly but surely, move on when it's time.

Lets say youve been with this person for like a year, right?
you guys spend everyday together, every hour, every second.

for basically a whole year!

Well thats where ya fucked up aint it?

Couples need space. They each need friends to hang out with.

You cant always be with someone and have them by your side.
One of you needs a job.
One of you should be going to school.


letting go, its hard. but obviously theyre not happy.
so let them go.

if youve been with them for a year you should be able to move on within 3 or 4 months after. though youll think about that person every other second youre spending with someone else.

holidays are coming ladies and i just got dumped..
follow me from break up to boss up....!!!

lets set a list of goals:

1.Make and save a shit ton of money.
2.go back to school. with my family more.
4.make friends.\