Hello hope you are having a great day!,My name is Nicole this is my first article, I hope you like it. In this year, I read a lot of books despite being in 2nd year of university and that take a lot of my time: tasks,exams ...., but really, I can´t find myself without reading a book is that I simply I can´t, since I started reading is something that I just love and I find myself searching for a new book, and then the list of books I read this 2018:

#The Passenger- Alexandra Bracken

book and passenger image

This is my current reading, which I hope to finish in the remainder of the year, I was catch by the fact that I have always found books about time travel interesting and as I was already an author who had read with "The Darkest Mind", I assumed it was going to be a good book.

#The Shining- Stephen King

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This book was recommended to me, because I do not read this type of genre but I was really caught by Stephen King's writing really, I always kept in the expectation about what going to happen, and I mean you could imagine that It was going to happen, but in the end it always surprised you, totally recommended.

#The Diary of a Young girl: Anne Frank

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This book, I just saw it one day on the internet, an article about the book and I just said to myself: why have not you read it yet? and I have always found interesting the books that are set in that time as "The book thief" by Markus Zusak, but this book was based on a real girl who existed and wrote all the things that happened to her at that time, Anne Frank, and this is not all, I could not avoid it but I feel identified with Anne on several occasions despite living in that time, as we can sometimes think immature but at the end she is mature and her evolution is totally visible throughout the diary, I loved it.

#The Burnning Maze

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I always read Uncle Rick's books and I love them, despite that this book in particular, I loved it and suffered with this book, it was different from the other books of Uncle Rick since you did not get bored at any time and you were always attentive to what will going to happen and how they were going to get out of trouble, and in the end it makes you suffer with the death of an unexpected character ... yes, very unexpected, that made me sad, but it made the plot really interesting until the end.

And that's all for this article, I hope you liked it, I'll continue with another second part about the books I read this year. Love you guys!