It's the most wonderful time of the year once again! I LOVE Christmas. I love the smell of Christmas, the atmosphere... I love decorating the tree, I love giving presents (and getting them to, of course). But most of all, I absolutely love Christmas music. So I thought of making an article with my favorite Christmas songs - and my favorite lyrics in each of them. Shall we?

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It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas - Michael Bublé
"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas
Soon the bells will start
And the thing that will make them ring is the carol that you sing
Right within your heart"

This song marks the beginning of Christmas season for me every year - I usually start to listen to it on November 1.

Mary, Did You Know? - Pentatonix
"Mary did you know that your baby boy is Lord of all creation?
Mary did you know that your baby boy would one day rule the nations?
Did you know that your baby boy is Heaven's perfect lamb?
That sleeping child you're holding is the great I am"

I remember the first time I heard this song, it spoke to me on a deep level, and it still gives me chills to this day. Such beautiful lyrics!

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Hallelujah - Tori Kelly
"And even though it all went wrong
I'll stand before the Lord of Song
With nothing on my tongue but Hallelujah"

Not exactly a Christmas song, but I know a lot of people include that one on their Christmas' playlists - and so do I. This song is not only beautiful, but in Tori's voice it's flawless. I thank God everyday for the Sing! soundtrack.

Do They Know It's Christmas? - Glee Cast
"Where nothing ever grows, no rain or rivers flow
Do they know it's Christmas time at all?"

Glee covered a lot of Christmas songs, and I adore all of them. But this one is special because of the message it brings. Sometimes it's easy to forget that there are lots of people living in much different conditions, this song invites us to remember that.

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Mistletoe - Justin Bieber
"Hey love, the Wisemen followed the star,
the way I follow my heart
And it lead me to a miracle"

A little bit silly, but I think this song is pretty cute. It's not Christmas if I don't listen to it at least once.

Last Christmas - Ariana Grande
"I hate that I remember
I wish I could forget
What you did last December
You left my heart a mess (a mess)
Boy, you blew it
How could you do it?"

This is a Christmas classic - and I love Ariana's version because of the changes she made on the lyrics. I also love her voice, so it was a given that I would love this one.

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Love is Christmas - Sara Bareilles
"I don’t care if the carpet's stained we've got food upon our table
I don’t care if it’s gonna rain, our little room is warm and stable
Love is who we are, and no season can contain it
Love would never fall for that"

Sara is one of my favorite singers in the world, when I discovered she had written a Christmas song I was overjoyed. The lyrics are very sweet, and reflect the most important thing during Christmas: Love.

Christmas Lights - Coldplay
"Oh Christmas lights
Light up the street
Light up the fireworks in me
May all your troubles soon be gone
Those Christmas lights keep shining on"

Coldplay + Christmas? That sounds like perfection. The melody is calm, and ther lyrics are beautiful - this one is a must for my playlist.

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I really hope you liked this article! I tried to talk about favorites of mine that weren't too obvious. If you want to listen to these songs and many other Christmas ones, you can check my spotify playlist, which is linked bellow.Thanks for reading! ♡♡♡