Did you ever listen to New Year's Day or You Are In Love? Or King Of My Heart? Dress? This style of music - it's so romantic. Just lay in the dark and listen to these songs. Every time I do, my heart blossoms. These songs make me dream... of a future love, of totally kitschy things like marrying someone who is your best friend and doing all the fun things with them. Partying. Driving in the dark. Coming home and cooking, watching TV. These songs make me dream of all the beautiful things that lie ahead of me, the wild and the quiet moments with the love of my life. (Oh man, that really does sound sappy.)

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Did you ever listen to This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things or Blank Space or Shake It Off? I Did Something Bad? Taylor Swift is a queen. She knows who she is. These songs are proof that she stands above all the haters with their talking. Her humor, her confidence, her way to show who she is? Damn. She is everything but fake, please.

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Did you ever listen to Begin Again? If you ever had to go through a tough break up or felt lonely, this song gives you hope again. It's simply beautiful.

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Did you ever listen to Our Song? Gorgeous? Sparks Fly? Enchanted? Call It What You Want? This is what it feels like to be freshly in love. This giddy feeling? That happiness that feels too big to fit in your chest? The magic? It's all part of these songs.

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Did you ever listen to We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together or Picture To Burn? The Story Of Us? Well, these are the perfect break up songs. You are angry? Determined to never ever let them back into your life? Ready to delete all the ugly ass photos you got of their shitty face? Then turn the volume up to eleven and sing these songs while wiping the f*cking slate clean.
(And if you're sad and crying and want to drown in your tears: Dear John, Forever And Always, White Horse and Back To December are always there for you and your broken heart.)

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Did you ever listen to End Game and Look What You Made Me Do? To ...Ready For It? and Bad Blood? Now, these beats make you feel badass. Sick melodies and totally awesome lyrics. If you ever feel down, turn these songs up!

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Last but not least: Did you ever listen to Highway Don't Care? Tim McGraw, Keith Urban and Taylor Swift make one hell of a country team. This is one of the most emotional songs ever. It's sad, it's beautiful, it's tragic. It makes me cry and is (after Dolly Parton's Jolene) my favourite country song ever.

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You can't convince me otherwise. Taylor Swift is the empress of pop music. She is enchanting, so much more than just a pretty little mind. She is shining like fireworks in the music world with both her voice and her epic lyrics.