every night, every day
I'm counting the mental issues in my head

I like the way, in which everything is never good
because now they just talk shit about me
Yes I admit it. Judge without more, and now I pay double

your girlfriend is obsessed
and your tasty proofs of his poison

the love is that if it makes us mow
You're losing friends, while you hold your hand
She is like a cactus, and you hurt yourself by clinging
but it seems that it is your personal drug

pay all my mistakes
How is it that they can be so happy?
I cry and fight against my inner voice
How can they laugh and live?
I do not know what is worse, to die or to live
both destroy me
they make fun of me
both destroy me
they live happily

every action has a reaction
and that now I felt better
the universe does not want to see me smile
it's not lesson, it's not learning
Now you can call me, daughter of Karma
this is me