Some people just look younger than they actually are and it can be quiet annoying sometimes. That's why I want to share some fashion tips on how to look older.

If you have an important appointment and want to be taken more serious or you just want to change your style in general, keep reading!


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Your colors of choice should be either natural colors like beige and camel, or black. Also white and grey.


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Coats, Ankle Boots, Turtle Neck Pullover and Blazer are good basics for an elegant look. You're also very free on how to style them: more feminine, more casual or vintage.

Outfit Inspo

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  • bright / pastel colors
  • big prints
  • hoodies

Disclaimer: of course, everyone can wear what they want and it doesn't matter if you look your age or not, this article is just an inspiration if you want too look a bit more grown up.

Thanks for reading! xx Linda

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