Hello, beautiful hearters! Happy Tuesday!

Do you know what I love about the day? Hours pass by where you can just relax and reflect and not have to worry about anything. Okay, well that might not entirely be the case. But it would be nice, wouldn't it?

I just finished working on a second draft for one of my finals and have yet to receive a tutor response for another or an assignment for my last class, which is leaving me with time where I ask myself "now what do I do with my time?"

For the first time in a while, I'm not worrying about school. I'm cool, calm, and relaxed and, honestly, it is one of the best feelings in the world. I feel absolutely amazing today.

But that's not what this article is about. I really just had a great mindset this morning and I wanted to share it with you. Maybe you had a great morning too or you're just not quite there yet. Either way, there is something to smile about today.

I mentioned in yesterday's article that I'm super into the Christmas spirit this year. I mean, I always am, but never this early. I really want to try some cool cute activities or things that I don't usually do. Writing articles has really been my rock this past year and I can see a potential future in it. But that also means trying new things I never do. And I'm honestly super excited. (Also, I have some cool announcements at the end of this article that you don't want to miss.)

Christmas treats are probably one of my favorite things to look at here on We Heart It or on Pinterest, maybe even Facebook and Instagram. They look so cute and not to mention delicious that I've always wanted to try them. The problem is, I don't bake. But I can dream, can't I? So, sometime in the month of December, I will be trying to bake and make these cute holiday treats (and yes, there will be pictures after they're made and hopefully before they are consumed -- I can't make any promises about the consumed part, though).

While these may be pictures (and not actual recipes, though I'm sure I will make an actual recipe article when I attempt at making these), let your mind run wild and choose which treats you would like to make! (React with a heart-eyed emoji if you're excited about holiday treats, too!😍)


Okay, so cupcakes are great and I need to make them even though I'll probably fail terribly But, hey, I have to try, don't I? Here are some cupcake ideas I saw that I definitely want to try out in the month to come.

christmas, cupcake, and cupcakes image christmas, cupcake, and winter image christmas, cozy, and cupcakes image art, bakery, and cake image christmas, cozy, and cupcakes image Image removed Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

I mean, really, how good do those look? 😍😍 And how hard can making cupcakes be? (Famous last words, right?)


You can't have Christmas without cookies. These all look so amazing and I can't wait to make these. Then eat them. Because cookies.

biscuits, christmas, and christmas tree image Image removed christmas, Cookies, and winter image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Temporarily removed christmas, food, and treats image

Cookies are the absolute best. There is so much decorating that goes into these that I'm honestly so intrigued about.


I mean, do I really need much explanation here? I think not.

Temporarily removed christmas and food image christmas tree, cupcake, and holiday image baked goods, brownies, and christmas image cake, chocolate, and dessert image Image by Norma Jean strawberry, christmas, and food image brownies, chocolate, and christmas image


Chocolate is amazing and I don't just mean chocolate, I mean chocolate (duh) and fudge and you'll just see. :)

Temporarily removed christmas, chocolate, and food image background, berry, and board image chocolate, food, and sweet image Temporarily removed chocolate, christmas, and home image

So I'm not sure how I'm going to make some of these, but I'm going to try.

Hot Chocolate and Coffee

CHRISTMAS IS NOT COMPLETE WITHOUT HOT CHOCOLATE AND COFFEE. OKAY? OKAY. (Who else still loves using that The Fault in Our Stars reference?)

christmas, winter, and snowman image Temporarily removed christmas, winter, and chocolate image christmas, winter, and hot ​chocolate image christmas, winter, and snow image Temporarily removed

I just love coffee and hot chocolate. Don't you?

Rice Krispy Treats and Candy Cane Treats

So, for the final treat categories, I'm putting together rice krispy treats and those candy cane treats, which are both so amazing. They're awesome. An introduction just really isn't needed.

christmas, food, and Cookies image christmas, candy, and sweet image Temporarily removed bake, candy, and candy canes image Image removed Image removed

That's all I have for you, loves. Which Christmas treats do you want to make? Let me know!

My daily articles are starting off strong (for now). If you have any article topics you would like to suggest, feel free to message me. I love talking to new people.

I hope you have an amazing rest of your week. Remember to keep smiling. You never know who will need it.


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