Visualization and Inspiration for my Book

My Story takes place in the victorian age. The main characters are three young women, the Fitzgerald daughters.

Charlotte Fitzgerald

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The eldest sister - She has strawberry-blond hair and bright eyes - very cultured, conscientious - has romantic feelings for his Lordship

Katharina Fitzgerald

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The second sister - She has hair, black as ebony, and dark eyes - very intelligent, great dancer - no interest in insignificant romantic relationships

Marguerite Fitzgerald

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The last and third sister - She has brown hair and warm brown eyes - very vivid, religious - searching for her soulmate

just some of my ideas and plans about who feels attracted by whom.

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Charlotte (20 - trying to keep distance from Richard - is attracted to the Lord)
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Richard (36 - his wife died few years ago - is Lord Lancasters uncle - has strong feelings for Charlotte)
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Marguerite - 17 - and Eduard Boyle - 22 - (Near Eduard, Marguerite has feelings she never knew - Eduard is tryig to keep distance to her - not good with women)
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Lord Lancaster - 25 - desires Marguerite, b.c. due to her piety she seems unattainable
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Katharina - 19 - is in love with a married man - 27 - who is Eduards older brother

__________________________________________________________________ It's not finished yet, but it helps me keeping focused on the plot, that I have in mind. Hope you enjoyed it!