I'm late.
Needless to say, I'm sorry.
I have an exam approaching... Too fast, I'd add. I'm studying a lot, so I do not have much free time. But I do my best to find some.
Here I am.

In this article I want to do something very simple: a list of aesthetic images.
In total relaxation.

lips, lipstick, and makeup image
purple, aesthetic, and neon image
book, flowers, and aesthetic image
purple, stars, and aesthetic image
Temporarily removed
Image by Yanina 🎓 (✿◠‿◠)
flowers, rose, and aesthetic image
flowers, sunflower, and jack daniels image
Temporarily removed
Temporarily removed
light and purple image
unicorn, neon, and pink image
violets, lights, and purple image

And that's it.
Thank you for reading!
Stay tuned for my next article!
Up every monday.

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