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⇢ Since it's my birthday today, I'm 17 woo, and I still have exams this whole week, I thought "Why not post a get to know me tag...that's not generic"

( Like anyone wants to know me lol )

⇢ Anyways this might get weird or deep, people who've read my stuff know how weird I can get.

⇢ This will be short and sweet. Don't want to bore you or anything. Also I got it from BTS amino and some I made up


Get to know me

1. Were you named after someone?

Yes, my Great-grandmother

2. What era do you think you belong in?

The 1960's, I'd be royalty but not heir to the throne, living in a secluded castle with my husband and closest friends

How I envision it but...with more smiles

Image by Maria
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3. What is the Least favourite physical part of yourself?

My back like just everything: back of my head, my back, not my butt and the back of my legs ( weird i know )

4. What is your favourite physical part of yourself?_

My hair...my smile...my lips...and my eyes

My hair is shoulder length and curlier than the one in the pic

girl, beauty, and dreads image
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5. Current favourite song per emotions

→ When I:
  • Am in my feelings: Uhgood by RM
  • Feel like twerking: DDaeng by BTS
  • Feel like being a singer: Video games by Lana del rey
  • Feel nostalgic: Dead Leaves by BTS and Smells like teen spirit by Nirvana
  • Feel like I've accomplished something when I've actually done nothing: Peach pit by Peach pit
  • Feel...Immersed: Many words by DROELOE (Flaws x DROELOE Remix)
  • Feel like jumping around in joy for no reason and loving myself: Weird Machine by DROELOE ft Nevve
  • Feel hot coz i know all the words: Show me by Kid Ink REMIX
  • ...Just gives me school lunch time vibes: What I Know Now by THEY. feat. Wiz Khalifa


That's all. It was so fun to do honestly, my stress is relieved just a little bit. Love you guys, thanks for constantly liking my trash tings.