Hello beautiful hearters, I didn't know what to write about but then it came to my mind that I should write about my morning routine. So let's start.

I don't like to wake up early and I don't need to. I wake up at 10am.

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Then I go to the bathrom to do my hygiene. I don't do a lot, just wash my face and teeth. Then I put some cream for hydration and I'm good to go. I also do face mask sometimes but not every morning.

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I don't shower in the morning, I do it in the evening. That way it helps me to relax more.

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I make myselfs some coffee or orange juice.

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I always try to make breakfast. For breakfast I eat eggs or fruits.

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I chosse what to wear.

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Then I put something to watch. At the moment I'm watching turkish tv show called Kiralik Ask - Love for rent. I really like it.

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While I'm watching the show I do my makeup. I don't wear a lot of makeup and I do more natural makeup looks.

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That's all. That's my morning routine. I hope you like this article.
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