Favorite Season

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Season 4, Sana's season, i know a lot of people don't like it but it was the season that spoke to me in a more personal level

Favorite Character

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Noora Amelie Saetre is and will always be a feminist icon

Least favorite character

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Emma was really freaking annoying...personality wise i did not liked her at all...and that bit at the end of season 4 when she was with Jonas and ended up with P-Chris was really stupid.

Character you identify the most with

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Sana bakkoush, her struggles with religion and her conversations with Yousef made me identify with her the most, im not muslim but im christian and we share a lot of the same values and struggles

Favorite Couple

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P-Chris and Eva...again, that season 4 ending with their characters felt really forced to me, they were fine together

Favorite Quote(s)

- "Hate doesn’t come from religion, it comes from fear"
- "you know you don't have to face everything in the world on your own?"
- "fear spreads, but fourtunately, love does too"
- "people have been beaten and killed, and that's not because they want to be different but because they'd rather die than pretend to be someone they're not"

Favorite Clip(s)

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the cliche scene clip 5 episode 7 from s1 and "the best of islam" clip 4 episode 4 from s4

An unpopular opinion about the show

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dont @ me, but i actually got bored before i could finish watching s3...here is the thing: i started watching skam because of a youtube video of Take me to chruch who had scenes from evak in the background, it called my atettion so i did my research and actually started by watching s3...the thing was that by episode 5 i was already bored...the visuals of that season aren't the best...everything is white and pale and it wasn't visually pleasing and watching isak submerge into sadness was...boring...so i stopped at the middle of episode 6 (or maybe im mixing my episodes...but it was rigth after he came out to jonas) maybe if i had started by s1 i could actually bare to watch s3...but it wasn't the case.

Favorite remake

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Skam Italia, despite the lack of diversity in the cast and white-washing Sana...it has the best visuals out of all the remakes and the aesthetic even beats the og, i like that they added a few clips of their own (wtFock it's doing that too and the only reason it's not my favorite it's because it's only starting) and most importantly...i actually find Edoardo charming (unlike William who was like a walking zombie

Favorite Character(s) from the remakes

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girl Cris from Skam Spain, i love her personality and her characterization, i feel like in just 1 season she has had more character than girl Chris had in 4 seasons of the OG, they did a great job in making the weakest character of the girl squad memorable