So I love horror movies and creating characters...
hope you like
(sorry if I wrote something wrong)

Name: Cassandra ( Cassy)

Age: 17


cindy kimberly, girl, and wolfiecindy image beautiful, beauty, and body image beauty image Temporarily removed
Dark skin, black hair with curls, amber eyes and she wears glasses


fashion, outfit, and style image Image removed fashion, outfit, and grunge image black, grunge, and boots image Image by Cheche Li piercing, ear, and earrings image
Vintage and gruge style and piercings


quotes, strong, and girl power image Image removed gold, heart, and quotes image Image by Cherry cola 🍒 family and quotes image feminism, woman, and quotes image
Feminist, smart, sarcastic, bad ass and protective


baby, black, and indie image Image removed friends, funny, and bitch image movie, sleep, and a bout de souffle image chloe, quotes, and text image friends, quotes, and logan lerman image

Movie genre:

Darkness, dreams, and haunted image missing and aesthetic image Abusive image Abusive image
psychological horror and paranormal ( a little bit of comedy)

Horror Movie Era:

keyboard, tumblr, and aesthetic image anime, art, and aesthetic image


blood, hands, and dark image ghost and paranormal image eyes, black and white, and dark image aesthetic, black, and creepy image
A demon that feeds on blood and tormented souls, because of that he sees the fear of his victims and make hallucinations out of it. He only can possess people who have had an almost death experience. He was awake when a group of teens went to a old graviard and opened the lock to realish him (they thought it was just a legend).

(Haunted) Setting:

autumn, city, and clouds image Abusive image
the town itself ,manly the graviard.


witch, book, and magic image Abusive image
spell book and a knife blessed with holy water ( it can hurt the demon but not kill)

Friends or solo:

Temporarily removed girl, friends, and friendship image Temporarily removed Image by Livi
group of six friends four girls and two boys

Love interest or solo:

love, couple, and aesthetic image love, couple, and bed image
she starts solo but she falls for her childhood best friend

Stupid decision:

Abusive image Abusive image
she belive in on of the hallocination that the demon created

Dead or survivor:

blake+steven image autumn, costume, and dark image
only three people suvirved her lover her her best friend, they thought they had killed the demon but he possesed her best friend (after two they her friend disappered saying she was too scared to continue living in that city).

That is it ,
bye bye