I am constantly on the lookout for new easy ways to whiten my teeth. I brush them twice a day and they still are an ugly yellow shade, and I do not have the money to go out to get them bleached or buy the whitening strips- yes, I am that broke... if you wanna help that cause my paypal email is adelemarie99@gmail .com (Complete joke do not feel like you have to send me anything but your love, even though i will not stop you lmao)
anyways, this week, I decided to try something I have only heard about and seen on pinterest: oil pulling... allow me to explain:

Oil Pulling Basics and Facts

  • basically a procedure of swishing oil in the mouth or a series of oral and systematic benedits
  • oil pulling stems from Ayurvedic (not sure what that is) medicine
  • it is also called Kavala or Gandusha
  • It is claimed to cure about 30 systematic diseases from headaches to diabetes to even asthma
  • it was used extensively as traditional Indian Folk Remedy for years to prevent tooth decay, bad breath, bleeding, dry throat, cracked lips, and strengthening teeth, gums, and jaws.
when researching i came across an article claiming '15 serious side effects to oil pulling'. i also found about 20 benefits and they both contradict one another so lets go through those

Side Effects

1. excessive dry mouth
2. liphoid pneumonia
3. upset stomach
4. coughing up mucus
5. Nausea and Vomiting
6. hangover like sensation
7. stomach cramps
8. loss of appetite
9. jaw stiffness
10. increased cavities
11. flu-like symptoms
12. increased thirst
13. ailments from heavy metals in oils
14. loss of taste
15. blocked nasal passages
16. sneezing and coughing
17. urge to urinate or pass stool
18. phlem and mucus
19. possible 'detox headaches' if new to pulling

okay... so hopefully i didn't scare you away with that because personally I thought the list was a bit comical. I mean, why is swishing oil in you mouth going to cause you to feel like you have to pee/poop, make you sneeze, give you flu-like symptoms, and an upset stomach? I mean as long as you do not swallow it then why would it effect you negatively?

Now the Benefits:


1. reduces plaque
2. prevents bad breath
3. combats gingivitis
4. whitens teeth
5. detoxifies oil-soluble toxins
6. reduces tmj problems
7. balances hormones
8. protects teeth enamel
9. reduces teeth decay and bleeding
10. it becomes toxic do not swallow
11. helps hangovers
12. helps metabolism work faster
13. fastens loose teeth
14. reduces cavities
15. clears skin
16. helps with eczema
17. alleviates headaches
18. maintains oral health

The differences

i do not know if you noticed, but some of those straight up defied the other... I will now point those out to you before we get to the how to..

  • "Prevents bad breath" vs. "Excessive dry mouth" (a dry mouth is a smelly mouth)
  • "Reduces TMJ Problems" Vs. "Causes Jaw stiffness"
  • "Helps Hangovers" (Which btw sounds like rubbish) Vs. "Hangover-like Symptoms"
  • "Reduces Cavities" vs. "Increased Cavities"
  • "Liphoid Pneumonia" is caused because of "Becomes Toxic" that is why you should not swallow it, always avoid swallowing at all cost.
Now that we have that covered, i would like to encourage you to read more and for the next two weeks join in with me in oil pulling everyday. Sound like something you want to be a part of? Read on:
  • 1/2 to 1 Tablespoon (even though some say 1 teaspoon so that is what i did)
  • swish in mouth for 10-20 minutes and again do not swallow
  • Spit in trashcan or water bottle do not spit in drain it will clog pipes
  • (optional) rinse mouth with salt water afterwards
  • brush teeth normally

What oil do i use?
it is recommended to use coconut oil for the health benefits, sesame oil is the most common (isnt it also the most expensive idk), but you could also use sunflower oil. I know nothing of sunflower oil but the internet said you could so now i am saying you can. I will be using coconut oil.

Update 12/09/18

I have stopped doing the process because it sucks okay. do it at your own risk. If it works for you then obviously let me know and send me your before and afters and I will give it another shot, but for now i hated it. okay thanks. bye.


Important Note

Do not forget to send me questions for next month, the link to that article is here, please send me any question you can think of, no question is a stupid question, and become a part of a community.


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