i think are many american-english movies and probably everyone loves, i love it too, but here i leave some of my favorites "not-english-movies".

⒈ o grande circo místico

circus, drama, and brazilian movie image aesthetic and circus image actress, circus, and drama image circus and elephant image
this is my favorite one because it's from my country. the name already told the entire history, i can't say more.

⒉ nuestros amantes

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it's a spanish romantic comedy and it definitely made me laugh all the time. the actors, the story, the way they fall in love is so funny and romantic.

⒊ gernika

Mature image captain america, Marvel, and soldier image gernika, germany, and movie image movie, world war, and maria valverde image
there's something real about this film, not just because it's based on actual events, but some scenes are so "brutal" that makes me think about how people are cruel with the others.

⒋ 3 metros sobre el cielo

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even though it is not a "happily ever after" story, is the best novel i have ever seen.

⒌ tengo ganas de ti

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the sequence of the above movie, i said the first movie doesn't have a "happily ever after" ending, but this one has... and i'm sorry to say i did not like it.

⒍ julieta

Pedro Almodovar and julieta image Pedro Almodovar, julieta, and rosy de palma image Image by ☁ Image by ☁
one of the most brillant film of the incredible filmmaker pedro almodovar. her past and her present; julieta is a mother who's looking for her daughter after she writing a letter to her after 12 years without knowing anything about her.

⒎ suspiria

Image by mary Abusive image red and suspiria image suspiria image
i didn't watch too much suspiria to remember all the scenes, you have to see it. that's it, just watch the movie and enjoy.

⒏ palmeras en la nieve

couple, mario casas, and palmeras en la nieve image beautiful, dance, and dress image palm trees in the snow, mariocasas, and bertavazquez image Image by ☁
my favorite period drama is definitely this one. doesn't have a "happily ever after" either, but if it did, it would not get the movie message, the difference between a white man falling in love with a black slave woman.

⒐ delibal

couple, cagatay ulusoy, and delibal image Temporarily removed cagatay ulusoy, delibal, and leyla lydia tugutlu image boy image
i watched many turkish shows and watching a movie like this realized me just how important love is. without love, everything is nothing.

⒑ la piel que habito

la piel que habito image Temporarily removed Pedro Almodovar, Antonio Banderas, and la piel que habito image Pedro Almodovar, Antonio Banderas, and elena anaya image
i fucking love this movie. the whole cast couldn't have been more able to make the crazy story of the boy who became a woman after raping the doctor's daughter.