Hey everybody!
How are you guys all? I'm doing well, currently in a bit of a rush, because I have one french test tomorrow, but to be totally honest, at this time, it doesn't bother me at all... So, here's the post from yesterday(sorry for not writing, but my wi-fi wasn't working.)

Make a list of your favorite works of art

So. I don't know any paintings, sadly. So I will mention a few other things here.

  • Harry Potter Soundtrack:
Image removed hogwarts, severus snape, and teacher image
I just can't help, but adore this soundtrack. It is really good for studying, reading and for morning soundtrack too.
  • Milk and Honey Poetry:
book, quotes, and and image book, milk and honey, and quotes image
I started reading poetry books this year. I finished a few but got into a Reading Slump and I haven't read a single poetry book since then.
  • Romeo and Juliet:
Image removed love, leonardo dicaprio, and couple image
The book, the play, this Leonardo di Caprio adaption: they are all marvelous. I love them so so much, I just realized this thing....

That was all for today.
I hope you liked it.
Kisses and Bye,