First, if you’re reading this i just want to let you know i’m vv thankful for you and i love you so much and you’re such an amazing person.
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You’ve been my best friend since first grade in elementary school. But things have been going off. Maybe you think our relationship is going well and maybe you think that we’re happy with each other (as friends). But no.

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My first impression of you i thought you were nice, you seemed innocent by yourself and i really wanted to be friends with you. We began talking to each other and we’ve been best friends ever since. We hung out all the time back then, even now. But recently things have been pressuring me. Right now we’re in middle school. We hung out in the first day of school until now. It was only the two of us but now we have a group of friends with 5 people. Honestly, i kinda liked it better just between us two. You were nice back then, now you’re idk who you are. Back then we would always talk about our favorite shows, our favorite songs, prettymuch everything that best friends would do. We would always choose each other, stay together, and never betray one another. Now you make me feel like the worst person on earth. You would stick to everyone but not me just so you won’t have a bad image. You’ve called me fat, a crackhead, a dumbass, and many more. I know you take that as a joke but not everyone has the same thoughts as you. I take it mentally. I don’t even think anyone in our friend group likes me at all. Today one of them called me a cannibal and everyone in our friend group started calling me that as well, even you. And today one of them who recently joined our friend group started hitting me with her bag a lot of times and now my face fkn hurts mostly one the nose. You talk to everyone nicely with a soft gentle voice but you would give me attitude and make me feel bad. Today you also cheered in happiness when my head got hit by a soccer ball. At this point idk what to do. If I tell you the truth then i’ll have no one beside me. And if i tell you the truth you wouldn’t apologize bc i know you’re not the type of person to do so. I moved to your school bc in my old school i was lonely, i had no one and if i’ll be lonely in this school then you won’t be seeing me in any school. I chose this school just for you. I still have my internet friends but they’ve been distant lately. I think i’ll end this article here. I’m not feeling myself.