Will you stay , if I told you that I really love you even your always make me cry I try to be positive in my life just for you .It's because I LOVE YOU THE WAY YOU SHOW YOUR LOVE TO ME ????

Your dove like eye ,has me hypnotize , your sweet smile, has me glued for a while ....... '' wrote your name ''
I wrote your name in a piece of paper ,but the wind took it away
once again???... I wrote your name in the sand ,but the water washed it away ...third time us i thinks about you ...... why don't I curved your name in my heart ....... now that I curved your name in my heart please shall you stay >>>>>/??????/ FOREVER

-can you love me
-us I remember the time that we love each other
- US a friend but i fall in love in a girl like YOU
- that's why I LOVE YOU STARLET