decided to have a go at this, it's gonna be hard cause for some letters i have so many songs, but for others i have none.

A- all the kids are depressed by jeremy zucker.
B- bad idea by pxzvc ft shiloh.
C- cycle speeds by june and lastminutecustomer.
D- despicable by grandson.
E- end by jeremy zucker (stripped).
F- from the dining table by harry styles.
G- girls by the 1975
H- here by alessia cara (lucian remix).
I- i like it by cardi b, bad bunny and j balvin.
J- jackie chan by post malone, tiesto, preme and dzeko.
K- kamikaze by lil mosey.
L- life in pink by the ready set.
M- migraine by twenty one pilots.
N- nineteen by lil peep.
O- ocean eyes by billie eilish (blackbear remix).
P- patience is a virtue by atlas.
R- rosegold by blackbear.
S- snooze by johnny yukon.
T- today i saw the whole world by pierce the veil (acoustic).
U- udk by olivia o'brien.
V- valentine by 5 seconds of summer.
W- what is love by jaymes young and y2k.
X- x (equis) by nicky jam.
Y- you should see me in a crown by billie eilish.
Z- zombie by the cranberries.

BONUS: #- 6:00 by grandson.

if you got through this, then congrats and make sure to check out these songs cause a lot of these artists are literally so underrated.