Hello WHI friends, I'm coming back today because I recently started to read the Harry Potter books for the third time (in English this time.) I'm only on the second volume but I really want to share with you the book's passages that I have a crush on. (not only the two first volumes)

Those passages are different from the movies one or are not in them. ♥

I wish it would encourage some people to read the books or bring memories to those who already read them. Enjoy ♥

(it is not in the story's order)

  • When Petunia get the letter from Dumbledore when the Dursleys want to thrown him out of the house. The letter is the voice of Dumbledore but I don't remember what it says (it is just one or two words), and everyone is shocked because they discover that she had a correspondence with him. I think that Dumbledore was already dead when it happens.
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It is strange to imagine her with the hair color of the book (blond).
  • The kiss between Hermione & Ron. It happens when they are in a hurry and Harry have to remind it to them. A few minutes later Harry thinks they are kissing again, but it is Hermione who is trying to stop Ron to attack the person who had attacked/killed his brother. It was funny and sad at the same time.

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  • The fact that Sirius, James and Peter became Animagi to support their friend Remus when he was under his werewolf form. They used to go with him outside and I like it. This mark of affection between them.
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  • I don't remember if this one is in the movie. It is when Hermione captured Rita Skeeter and we discover that she is an animagus (a beetle). Then Hermione blackmailed her to get an article which supports Harry during a crisis time.
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  • All the sections about Voldemort's family (mother's side, of course.) When I learned that his mother was a squib and she has been rejected by her father and brother. And the father himself, who is more snake than human (he only speaks parseltongue). Really interesting part.
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  • When everyone went to St. Mungo's Hospital (I don't remember why) and Harry met Neville's parents. Neville asked him to keep it secret and Harry did it (until some point). It is so sad, Neville's mother gives to her son a candy wrapping and Harry sees him put it in his pocket.
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He is so courageous.

So it is a lot of points, I'll make a second part to put the rest. :P
I wish you enjoyed it like I enjoyed to write it (almost two hours with the traductions).
Have a good day ! ♥