Hello sweetheart! Welcome to the best season of the year!

This is the fifth of a series of articles about Christmas I'm doing, go check the other ones:

Instead of having a traditional Christmas Eve where all you do is eat and wait for presents, you can add some of these activities and make it more fun!

Find your gift

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Hide each present somewhere and leave certain clues for people to find them. For example, tie one end of a string to the gift and the other one to a place where the guidance to find all of the gifts begins. Or, place written clues/riddles around your house. You'll notice how not only the kids are enjoying!

Guess the song

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Form groups and while one has to hum a Christmas song, another group has to guess which one is it.

Baking contest

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Again, in groups bake Christmas cookies and then a jury has to name the winner! You can either judge based on taste, appearance or both!

The drunk elf

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This game is for +18/+21 (depending on your country's law). Play the movie Elf and drink every time Buddy screams “SANTA!”, runs into something, or calls his dad. Chug whenever he stuffs his face with candy, sings, or dances.


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Take photos of every guest at your party with a Polaroid camera and then hang them in the tree or as a garland. Then, they can be party favors!


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Who said they are only appropiate for NYE!?

Cold pop

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Players have to pop 10 balloons using just their hands with winter gloves on before the time runs out.

Building snowmans

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The person/group that builds a snowman the fastest wins!

That is it! Merry Christmas Eve!