hey! So this is my new november playlist filled with mellow music, which I find perfectly represents the vibe for late november and the beginning of december (its also really good for a rainy day) <3

hope you enjoy :)

1. come out and play by billie eilish

Temporarily removed billie eilish and come out and play image sky, travel, and car image ๐Ÿ˜ and ๐Ÿ˜˜ image

2. the good side by troye sivan

blue image Temporarily removed room, grunge, and photography image dark blue, fallout, and iron image

3. the last time i saw adrianne by henry jamison

aesthetic image travel, vintage, and indie image aesthetic, alternative, and art image brown, theme, and city image

4. always remember us this way by lady gaga

dark, piano, and aesthetic image Lady gaga and a star is born image aesthetic, alternative, and black and white image Temporarily removed

5. secret for the mad by dodie

book, girl, and read image doddleoddle image aesthetics, airplane, and book image plants, city, and window image

6. cleopatra (acoustic demo) by the lumineers

Temporarily removed theme, dark, and green image dark and grunge image aesthetic, blue, and dark image

7. tiger striped sky by roo panes

Temporarily removed roo panes image green, nature, and plants image train and window image

8. can't help falling in love by twenty one pilots (cover)

couple, love, and hug image art, photography, and vsco image 2009, analog, and banjo image Image removed

9. good morning by ralph castelli

photography image aesthetic, yellow, and flowers image sky, yellow, and clouds image train, alternative, and boho image

10. I will be okay by mimi

art, grunge, and pretty image rose, aesthetic, and mirror image Image removed aesthetic, art, and books image

11. love bug by the jonas brothers

red, rose, and aesthetic image car, pink, and grunge image aesthetic, neon, and china image jobros, nickjonas, and love image

12. tommy's party by peach pit

antique, blue, and hills image Image by โ™ก plants, green, and home image book, aesthetic, and study image

13. drowsy by banes world

home image aesthetic, dark, and girls image travel, autumn, and light image brown, light, and aesthetic image

14. therapy by khalid

blue and neon light image khalid image aesthetic, blue, and indie image quotes, blue, and neon image

15. yam yam by no vacation

interior and home image stars, grunge, and tumblr image Temporarily removed art, aesthetics, and girl image

16. fire escape by andrew mcmahon in the wilderness

Temporarily removed brick, city, and fire escape image Temporarily removed moon, sky, and travel image

here is the link to my spotify playlist containing all of these songs!
(please note that the twenty one pilots cover is not on spotify, so I used the cover by christian leave)