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(▲) ᴅᴏɴᴇ
  • tirar minha habilitação
beetle and car image girl image Image by ✿ Inspiring Image on We Heart It
get my license, for car and motorcycleees

andar de patins

aesthetic, neon, and tumblr image Temporarily removed
i never learned how to roller skating, so that is the moment
  • tomar banho de rio/cachoeira
bali, fashion, and luxury image bali, beautifull, and bikini image
take a river/waterfall shower
  • plantar uma rosa
Image by ctrlxs flowers, rose, and white image
plant a rose
  • soltar fogos de artificio no 7 de setembro
fun, happy new year, and brazil image fireworks, green, and lime image
set off fireworks in the indepence day in Brazil
  • encontrar um novo hobbie
Temporarily removed rose, red, and flowers image
find a new hobby, like sew or paint IDK
  • voltar a fazer dança ou karatê
way of life, difference, and karate image hands, couple, and aesthetic image ballet, love, and ballerina image fight, quotes, and fitness image
go back to practicing karate or dance, i love both

fazer novas sobremesas

dessert and food image cake, chocolate, and dessert image
learn new desserts

ter um bullet journal

doodle, drawing, and inspiration image bullet, draw, and study image
have a bullet journal, for real this time
  • ser voluntário em algo que acredite
community, hands, and needed image Temporarily removed
volunteer for something that i really believe
  • ir assistir futebol no estádio
brazil, football, and soccer image brasil, brasilia, and brazil image
watch football match at the stadium

ler cinco livros (4/5)

book, bag, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed
read AT LEAST five books. its a little, but this year I didn't have time to read anything and i miss that
  • começar uma pesquisa/artigo
Temporarily removed study, starbucks, and work image
start writing a scientific paper
  • tirar meu passaporte
Image removed travel, black, and passport image
get my passarport
  • dançar na chuva
rain, love, and couple image Temporarily removed
dancing in the raaain♫ its my passion and i do it always i can
  • jogar volêi
summer, volleyball, and beach image Image removed
play volleyball
  • ensinar alguém a falar português
Bandeira, brasil, and brazil image Image removed
teach someone to speak brazilian portuguese
  • conseguir fazer abertura total
google and how to do the split image Temporarily removed
DO THE SPLITS, a hundred percent sure it will be the most difficult of this list
  • tocar ukelele
Inspiring Image on We Heart It inspiration, music, and photography image
play ukelele, but before i need buy one hahah

last att: 21/06

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