i have so many

i have so many

so some nights,
i sit

and on those nights,
i wonder.

will i ever make these
dreams a reality?

will i ever make them
come true?

i doubt myself in that moment,
and look at my reflection.

i ask myself with a gloomy face,
'am i really able to succeed?'

and in those quiet moments,
my answer is always no.

the doubt grasps onto my hand
and whispers quietly
that there is
"no way that you,
an average girl,
will ever succeed."

but here i am now to say,
that in those same moments,
when you too sit and wonder
the exact same thing.

when you ask yourself,
"can you succeed?"

answer yourself differently,
even if you yourself
do not believe it yet.

because every time you tell
that you can,

you are one step closer
to being able to say,
i did.

i did succeed.
because in those moments
of doubt,
i told myself i can.

i did it because i could.
i did it because i dreamed it.
i did it because doubt told me i couldn't.

doubt will always try to stand in your way,
but i urge you -
push past with no apologies
and say;

'i can, i will and one day i can say, i did"