҉  Aries.
If you love me
for what you see,
only your eyes would be
in love with me.
If you love me
for what you've heard,
then you would love
for my words.
If you love
my heart and mind,
then you will love me,
for all that I'm.
If you don't love
my every flaw,
then you mustn't love me -
not at all.

  ҉  Taurus.
Where are you?” She asked.
“I have been searching all my life.”
“Stop looking for me,” Love replied, “and I will find you.

  ҉  Gemini.
"Her heart is played like well worn strings,
In her eyes the sadness sings,
Of one who was destined of better things"

  ҉  Cancer.
"I loved you more than love allowed"

  ҉  Leo.
"Her bow is drawn to worlds of dark,
where arrows spring and miss their mark—
she'll turn their heads but not their hearts."

  ҉  Virgo.
It was a question I had worn on my lips for days - like a loose thread on my favorite sweater I couldn't resist pulling - despite knowing it could all unravel around me.
"Do you love me?" I ask.
In your hesitation I found my answer.

  ҉  Libra.
What is she like?
I was told—
she is a
melancholy soul.
She is like
the sun to the night;
a momentary gold.
A star when dimmed
by dawning light;
the flicker of
a candle blown.
A lonely kite
lost in flight—
someone once
had flown.

  ҉  Scorpio.
What was it like to love him? Asked Gratitude.
It was like being exhumed, I answered, and brought to life in a flash of brilliance.
What was it like to be loved in return? Asked Joy.
It was like being seen after a perpetual darkness, I replied. To be heard after a lifetime of silence.
What was it like to lose him? Asked Sorrow. There was a long pause before I responded;
It was like hearing every goodbye ever said to me—said all at once.

  ҉  Sagittarius.
"Forget her tattered memories,
or the pages others took;
you are her ever after—
the hero of her book."

  ҉  Capricorn.
"It's so dark right now, I can't see any light around me. That's because the light is coming from you. You can't see it but everyone else can."

  ҉  Aquarius.
"To love is a dare, when hope and despair, are gates upon its hinges"

  ҉  Pisces.
She lends her pen,
to thoughts of him,
that flow from it,
in her solitary.
For she is his poet,
And he is her poetry.