This poem was written for an English task, and details what a starry night means to me, referring to and taking inspiration from the original artwork - Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh, and the song by Don McLean - Starry Starry Night.
A starry night that fills up the sky,
with its cold, but reassuring embrace;
stars descend and fall into their scattered,
yet intricate pattern.
Connect the dots and you still cannot solve
the puzzle that is the universe.
A sense of serenity,
mingling with the sense of calamity;
cleansing my mind,
clearing my conscience.
Reminded of how insignificant I am,
not even comparative
to the extensive plains of the universe
and her many stars.
It's humbling really,
keeps our feet firmly planted on the ground;
sometimes it makes us want to fly.
Fly through towns and cities,
fly through the swirling night sky,
until the loneliness sets in
and we're forced to land,
to hit the ground
and stay there.
Staring up at the starry night,
Waiting for shooting stars to make a wish on,
and wishing to fly once more.