Hello everyone, I'm going to share with you all some of the songs that I really like, just listen to them and enjoy... <3

  • 'Khashoggi's Ship - Queen'
Freddie Mercury, brian may, and music image
They are my favorite band xd
  • 'Tear you appart - She wants revenge'
she wants revenge image
(yes, I've heard this song in AHS Hotel)
  • 'Primadonna like me - The struts'
jed elliott, music, and rock image
Actually they are REALLY amazing.
  • 'You're so cool - Jonathan Bree'
cool, music, and pink image
  • 'Destroyer - Panama'
panama music band image
  • 'Pressure - Muse'
muse and simulation theory image
(My second favorite band)
  • 'Take me out - Franz Ferdinand'
franz ferdinand image
  • 'The Jester - Badflower'
badflower, black, and music image
  • 'Electric love - Borns'
music, børns, and blue madonna image
  • '11 Acre - Mondo Cozmo'
cool, mondo cozmo, and music image