This is just gonna be about my morning routine and what I do before I go to school

Wake up ••

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So first thing is I wake up at 6am.

Self Care ••

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Then I wash my face and brush my teeth and get ready ya know.

Makeup ••

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After that I put on a little concealer and sometimes mascara, not too crazy on makeup even though I buy so much.. aha. I also do my hair but usually I just take it out of a braid from the night before.

Outfit ••

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Lastly I pick out my outfit for the day and leave for school after that (I have to be there by 6:40).

Coffee ••

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Before I get to school I have to stop by starbucks to get coffee bc I need caffeine to survive.

Thanks for reading ! If you guys have any article suggestions or ones you want me to do just dm me !