for the sad times

-- bts
jin, bts, and seokjin image flowers, rose, and pink image
" i can never fly like the flower petals over there "
-- day6
beach, ocean, and sea image kpop, day6, and junhyeok image
" the color that is called you, i see it all over the place "
-- bts
Image removed bedroom, home, and interior image
" adapted to you with everything, i wanted to live my life for you "
-- day6
aesthetic, clouds, and dark image Temporarily removed
" all of it is crashing, falling down on me "
friday n night
-- jin longguo
asian, icons, and kpop image aesthetic, theme, and kpop image
" i thought if i erased you, everything will become a clean slate "
hear me
-- (g)i-dle
aesthetic, blue, and cold image gidle, soojin, and kpop image
" just this once, listen to what i have to say "
in to your love again 하룻밤
-- jin longguo
kpop and jbj image aesthetic, room, and bedroom image
" till it gets bright, dont let me wake from my sleep "
-- the rose
aesthetic, beige, and brown image the rose, woosung, and kpop image
" the memory that i thought i'd forgotten devours me "
let me in
-- loona
Image removed aesthetic, purple, and sky image
" you touch my heart and i hesitate "
no longer
-- nct 127
night, lights, and photography image nct, doyoung, and nct 127 image
" she no longer needs me "

// this was my first kpop playlist. hope yall liked it! will make a part 2 soon //
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