hello! I thought it would be fun to tell you guys about some of my favourite art supplies, as I really love finding out about other peoples favourites and trying them out!

moleskine art sketchbook

I recently got one of these sketchbooks, which I've been wanting for ages, and I love it! It has thick, smooth cream coloured paper and it's perfect for ink and sketching. It also would work well with markers (use a bit of scrap paper between pages so it doesn't bleed through) , or a bit of watercolours (definitely not ideal for watercolours, it would warp the pages with full washes, but I think it would be great to add a bit of colour to sketches, which is what I plan on doing.) , or other water based paints! it's a bit more expensive than sketch books I normally get (canson or strathmore usually) but it's definitely worth it if you're like me and bring your sketch book everywhere with you, its made to be durable and portable. It's got a little pocket in the back for scrap paper and loose sketches and things, which is super handy. It's definitely going to be the sketchbook I buy from now on!

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winsor & newton artisan water mixable oil colours

something I wanted for a long time was to start oil painting, but I didn't want to have to use the toxic and strong smelling paint thinners. I found out about water mixable oil colours, which the oil has been modified to be thinned and cleaned with water instead of paint thinner. so of course I got them and tried them, and I love them. I can't compare them to real oils or other brands of water mixable oils because these are the only ones I've tried, but from what I can tell they are really nice. they're very thick straight out of the tube and have great pigmentation. the thing I like about oils is I can spend as long as I want mixing the perfect colour, and you can blend the colours on your paper for as long as you want because they take a few days to dry. I would definitely recommend any brand of water mixable oils if you're interested in starting oil painting!

holbein artists' watercolor

I got these after I had been painting with watercolours for awhile, as they are a bit expensive, but they're the nicest watercolours I've ever had. I have a set of 12 tubes which I put into my own palette, and mixed up a few custom colours, you can also use them straight from the tube. they are super pigmented and I love working with them!!

those are just a few of my favourites! I hope you liked this article, thanks for reading!

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