The stream was flowing water down a waterfall, as the sunlight swayed through the trees. A boy was found lying on his back under a tall tree, the sun hit his eyes; he slowly sat up. He put his hand on his head, and looked around, nothing seemed familiar as he got to his feet

He uttered. “The grounds cold. What happened to me? How did I get here?” His eyes seemed blurry as he stumbled over some rocks to get to higher ground.

He made it up the cliff and saw nothing but forest, the sky was grey. He began to run, bushes and tree branches hitting his face, tripping over tree roots but regained his balance. He heard some voices, peeking out from a tree, he saw kids, they were kicking a red, round, bouncy object.

Someone kicked the ball way into the air as it went into the woods.

The lady sighed. "Let me get it". She went into the woods and retrieved the ball. The boy sat on a branch in a tree, hiding. Just then she heard a noise; she turned, nothing was there. The branch he was sitting on SNAPED! The lady jumped, looking around again. This time she saw a barefoot boy with snow-white hair, sky blue eyes, and white clothes.

He layed on the ground. "That hurt"

The lady rushed to him; her eyes widen with concern. "You alright?"

The boy sat up. "Yeah, I’m okay". Revealing a scrape on his knee.

"Your hurt", she said. "You need a band-aid, come with me"; she grabbed his hand and rushed him out the woods.

"No, I’m okay", he said. "I don’t need a band-aid".

The lady had a tight grip. "You do or it will get infected". He followed her inside the building; she cleaned his scraped knee and put a band-aid on it.
She was calm. "Ok. now tell me what where you doing in the woods by yourself?"

He was about to speak. Then realized she might think he's an alien from outer space or something if I told her I came out of…what’s it called a rocket? "I don’t know, I just woke up there".

"Strange", said the lady. "Where are your parents?"

"Parents? Not sure", he said.

The lady was quiet for a while. "You hungry?"

Gen smiled. "Yeah, so hungry. I can eat a whole hippo".

She handed him a plate full of mashed potatoes, chicken nuggets, peas and a juice box to drink. He sat at a table and ate the food the lady gave him.

The lady asked. "Whats your name, you do have a name right?"

The boy hesitated for a moment. "Gen".

The lady tilted her head. "What was that?"

"My name is Gen".

She got up."Well, Gen. It’s very nice to meet you, and of course, you can stay as long as you want".

Gen smiled. "Yeah, I would like that".

She poured a glass of tea. "Oh I all most forgot ever two years or so we have adoption day at the orphanage".

He kicked his feet."What’s that?"

She sat down. "Its when people come to take you home with them, you know as part of a family".

Gen looked thoughtful. "I thought this was my home?"

She poured Gen a cup of tea. "For now, but we want to help kids find wonderful homes with families".

Gen gave a nod. "I understand It would be nice to have a real family of my own".