there is just something about being home for the holidays..........

I find this to be very true.
What is also true is my home is not always the most peaceful and calm place.
In fact, it feels that lately there is just one issue after another that I have to deal with. Any given day can be a real struggle. A struggle to keep it together emotionally and physically. The days can be very long.

So what makes it special at the holidays?
Well, here I am. My last 2 days were filled with a lot of messy stuff. Stuff I never imagined I would have to face. I am again surviving, making plans for another day. And smiling. And laughing. And quite secure in the knowledge that my family plays a huge part in getting me through. Yeah, so while the family can cause some of the troubles, this same family also helps to make my soul feel content, happy and at peace. And that is the whole essence of me being able to live with me.......having a deep-gut feeling that I can accept myself. That is what makes it special to be home for the holidays!

The phrase just means being with the family, showing them support and love and getting the same from them in return. And, as a family, facing whatever may come.

This collection is about that feeling of "home". This collection is also about how we get home.

Our paths are all different, perhaps, in more ways than one. Our homes exist as we contribute to make them. We each define "family" in our own way. I hope that my fellow collectors on WHI can experience something special about being home for the holidays.

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and I could go on and on because I find the winter WHI collections awesome!

Gift of Passing Forward
There are so many great WHI collections about Winter. Yes, I love getting my images admired but I also think that this WHI community is about showing appreciation and admiration for other collectors. So I am "passing forward the love" this holiday season. Here are 3 great collections that include some winter scenes. Take a peek! I think that you will really enjoy these collections.

My Winter and Christmas Collection