Christmas time is definitely the most wonderful time of the year and the one thing that makes it even more wonderful, is having that special someone to spend the holidays with. Even though it is such an amazing time of the year, holidays can be very stressful with all of the party planning, gift buying, trying to get through all of the family gatherings, etc, but that doesn't mean that you're not allowed to unwind and spend time with your partner and relieve some of that stress you're under. Now if you're wondering what things you and your partner could do, here are some of my absolute favorite date ideas for this time of year.

1) Decorate The House For Christmas:
Now if you’re like me, decorating the house for Christmas is quite honestly one of the best parts of the holiday season. In my opinion, decorating with your significant other makes it even better because you both get to work together to make your home look so festive and you just have a lot of fun doing so. To some of you this may not seem like a date but, just spending some one on one quality time together is a date. You’re enjoying each other’s company and doing something you both enjoy and let’s face it, all of the decorations make a perfect set up for a couples photo shoot and no one can pass up on a good photoshoot opportunity.

2) Make Christmas Ornaments/Decorations:
Every year, another one of my favorite things to do is make homemade ornaments or decorations for Christmas. This is another activity that I consider to be a great date idea for the couples out there spending the holidays together. Take a trip to your local store and purchase all of the items for your DIY date night. When you get home, pop in a Christmas movie or play some Christmas music and just have fun. Some creative festive ideas may include:

-Making "Our first Christmas" ornaments or other types of ornaments
- Use photos from a holiday photoshoot to make into ornaments
- Making your own holiday cards for friends and family
-Making a homemade wreath
-Making homemade garland

3) Make Christmas Cookies:
While we are on the creative topic when it comes to date ideas, why not get creative while baking cookies? Christmas cookies are important during the holidays. You usually bake them for friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, and of course, Santa Clause. After making a bunch of decorations and before you get settled down and cuddle up together to watch movies, you're going to want something to snack on. Grab a bunch of icing and candies and make some homemade gingerbread men or sugar cookies and maybe have a little contest to see who made the best cookies.

4) Watch Christmas Movies:
This is by far the coziest and best date night during the holiday season. There isn't anything greater than grabbing a bunch of blankets and some hot chocolate and just cuddling up on the couch with your partner. The Christmas lights are twinkling around the room and you're warm in the arms of the person you love the most. I absolutely love calm and cozy movie nights at home with my boyfriend and here are just a few Christmas movies we love watching:

-Christmas Vacation
-How The Grinch Stole Christmas
-A Christmas Story
-Love Actually
-The Polar Express
-Home Alone
-Home Alone 2
-The Santa Clause
-Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer
-Frosty The Snowman
-A Christmas Carol

5) Go To A Christmas Party:
Christmas parties are by far the greatest parties of the year. They're even greater when you have a date to bring. At these parties you'll usually find a lot of other couples and usually you'll be competing with your partner in various games against other couples. Most couples prefer laid back date nights but, sometimes it's good to go out and have fun. If you consider going to the bar or going to a club a date, then going to a Christmas party should be no exception. Grab your significant other, put on some ugly sweaters, grab your Secret Santa gift and baked goodies and have an amazing night.

6) Go For A Walk/Drive To See Christmas Lights:
If you live in a neighborhood where everyone loves to decorate the outsides of their houses for Christmas, why not go around and have a drive or walk around with your partner? I can understand why this wouldn't seem like a date but, I know there are a few people out there like me who do believe this would be a date. Bundle up, grab some hot chocolate for the go, hop in the car or just walk around with your partner, holding hands and talking about anything and everything while enjoying the company of each other and looking at the beautiful lights and decorations.

There are many more date night ideas for around the holidays but, these are just a few ideas that happen to be my favorites and wanted to share with you. I hope that all of you happy couples out there enjoy doing all of these and even if you aren't in a relationship, these are still great activities to do alone or with friends and family. Get creative, spend time with loved ones, cherish every moment, and have fun.