Hello Internet friends!

2018 is close to an end (also one month until Christmas! Who's excited?) I, as a future-anxious person, have decided to "manifest" or "map out" how I want my life to be in 2019. I have watched a video on youtube about mapping out your life in 2019 ( i forgot the name of the channel sorry) and I gave me this big idea. I have failed plan from the past and this year so I really want to grind "full mode" until its a habit.

I kind of want to start #mappingmylife2019 (tag me so I can read your article or collection). I think it will be fun! We all deserve to live our best life by doing what we want and achieving our goals/dreams.

Let's get this party started


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That's it Folks
I would admit this year wasn't as bad as I thought. Next year I hope it's better!

See you soon my lovelies