Hello beautiful people! So I am obsessed with TV series and movies and the 7th art in general so I though I would recommend what I consider some of the best shows out there. I hope you are having a very beautiful day and if you don't, then try to watch one of the series below to distract your mind for a while. Don't forget though, it always gets better!

1. Game of Thrones

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Ancient enemies are coming back to haunt the living as the winter arrives but everyone's eyes are set on the iron throne and who sits on it. Based on the collection of books by George R. R. Martin "A song of ice and fire'', from kings and queens to knights and prophecies and wolves and dragons this show is the perfect fantacy but at the same time a pretty accurate analogy of our world and history. That is why it is so appealing to its viewers and undeniably the most successful show of all time.We are currently awaiting the 8th and final season. Sure thing is, it doesn't dissapoint, but keep in mind it is NOT pg13!

2. Sherlock

Image by ︵‿︵‿୨♡୧‿︵‿︵ sherlock image sherlock, sherlock holmes, and benedict cumberbatch image sherlock image sherlock, benedict cumberbatch, and 221b image Martin Freeman, sherlock holmes, and john watson image
This is a story about friendship and family and enemies but most of all the ''science of deduction''. Based on the original character created back in the Victorian era by the British author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the world of Sherlock Holmes a "consulting detective" first of his job and a high functioning sociopath, is placed in today's London. Together with Dr. John Watson they investigate mysteries and solve crimes that no one else is able to. This one will blow your mind!

3. Skam

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Peer pressure, sexual orientation, religion, popularity, social acceptance, mental illness, friendship and first loves are some of the things that concern every teenage mind and this show is about. In each of the four seasons we get to experience the world of a group of teens that attend the same highschool in modern Oslo, Norway from the mindset and perspective of four of them. Eva, Noora, Isak and Sana who all battle with their own demons each. This show is so tastefully done that is considered a global phenomenon and is currently recreated by many other countries especially in Europe that adapt it in their own every day reality. In my opinion EVERYONE should watch this one!

4. Mr. Robot

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Elliot Alderson who is portrayed by the amazing Rami Malek is a cybersecurity engineer who suffers from social anxiety and depression but by night he is a cyber-vigilante. He is approached by a group of other hacktivists that call themselves ''fsociety'' and together they destroy all debt records by encrypting the financial data of the largest conglomerate there is, E Corp which starts a global revolution. This show is a very accurate depiction of reality and it may not sound as intresting but there are countless things I couldn't include so as not to spoil your fun! P.S. I don't think it is pg13.

5. Riverdale

riverdale, cole sprouse, and kj apa image Temporarily removed riverdale, jughead, and betty cooper image riverdale, Betty, and couple image riverdale, madelaine petsch, and cheryl blossom image riverdale, veronica lodge, and archie andrews image
This... is deffinatelly a show that is... aesthetically pleasing! Hahaha kidding! Based on the Archie comics it follows a group of teenagers that are trying to solve the murder of one of their classmates. Through this experience though they learn about dirty secrets, trust, friendships, first loves and they discover that the world is not really what they thought it was as truths that were hidden for years and years come to light. It is honestly one of the most interesting ones to watch and with the most plot twists. It also feels something like the ''Breakfast club'' of our generation.

6. Chilling adventures of Sabrina

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And from Riverdale over to Greendale. This show is a spin off of Riverdale and it is about someone we've all heard of before probably in our childhood, Sabrina the teenage witch. Well in this version Sabrina is about to turn 16 and on the night of her birthday she has to choose between her witch or human nature and on top of that in which of the two worlds she wants to live in, meaning she has to say goodbye to the other forever. If you like a bit of horror then this show is for you because it consists of spooky vibes, witchcraft, misbehaving, curses and dark arts but also of love, humanity and VERY strong female characters!

7. Stranger Things

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Probably the most famous show of netflix in 2016 Stranger Things is about a boy who goes missing after a game night with his other 3 best friends in the early 80's. Desperate to find him his mom, brother, the sheriff and his friend group that meet a mysterious little girl end up being parts of the same story that revolves around a horrific supernatural experiment that the goverment is responsible for but cannot contain. Science fiction and horror combined... enjoy!

8. Shadowhunters

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I'm going to be honest. This show doesn't have the best special effects or the best story line or even the best acting. However the messages that it passes to its vewers are very important such as, even if your whole world is falling apart if you have people that believe in you and/or love you you will come back stronger. In other words having a support system is a blessing. Another one is to be honest with yourself and go for whatever you want. Both male and female characters in this show are equaly strong and the presence of lgbtq+ characters is more than usual with a lot of them being in leading roles. It is about young Clary Fray whose mother goes missing and trough trying to find her she discovers a whole other world that she is a crucial part of but had no idea about.

9. The 100

Image by Ксения Иванова Abusive image the 100, bellamy, and clarke image the 100, bellamy blake, and marie avgeropoulos image
The Earth has not been survivable for 97 years due to a radiation catastrophe that destroyed everything on it. The only survivors are living on a mega space station called the ''Arc'' which consists of 12 former seperate space stations and they are the successors of everyone that used to work on them. However the support system of the Arc is starting to fail and so 100 juvenile prisoners are chosen to go back down to earth and discover if it is survivable again. They go through every challenge in the book and that causes leaders to rise and fall, tragic and beautiful love stories to occur, lifelong friendships to form but first and foremost how ethics, trust and right choices can be options that coexist with instinct of survival.

10. La Casa de Papel
(Money Heist)

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A group of people study for 5 months how to make the perfect robbery happen. Each with very different stories and reasons but they cannot know almost anything about each other starting from their names. We experience hour by hour the robbery happen and at the same time what happened during the past 5 months that led to the current events and how the characters react with their hostages on the Royal Mint of Spain.

+ 1. 13 reasons why

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The only reason why this is the +1 is because it is the most controversial one. It touches very sensitive subjects such as sexual assault, severe bullying, addiction, depression and of course suiside. It revolves around 17-year-old Clay Jensen whose friend Hannah Baker has decided to end her life due to a series of events that occured through the last year. He is left with too many question marks that will soon be answered by a number of cassette tapes that Hannah recorded explaining why she decided to commit suicide. In my opinion everyone and I do mean everyone should watch this one because of the importance of its content. However there are some very graphic scenes in it and if you are sensitive to especially rape or suiside it is better to avoid.

Alright, that is it for this one. I hope you liked it and if you did then check out the previous one that I did. Again I hope you are having an amazing day and if no one told you today you look beautiful!
Thank you for all the love on my previous article I really appreciate it!<3