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Who wouldn't love the legendary chick flick Mean Girls? It first premiered back in 2004 and soon it became a cult. In today's quiz you'll find out which one of the girls is most like you. Are you Regina, Karen, Gretchen, Janis or Cady? Let's find out! (Always choose just one option)👠💄💎💋

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1) Choose a hairstyle
a) long blonde locks
b) shoulder-long brown curly hair
c) shoulder-long light blonde hair with highlights
d) ginger or strawberry blonde
e) straight black hair

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2) Which colors do you like to wear? How would you describe your fashion style?
a) like a diva
b) mostly warm colors like orange, gold, yellow...
c) pastel colors
d) easy and practical, however I'm open for new styles
e) goth, punk, grunge.. these are my favorite styles

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3) Your friendship(s)...
a) I have two loyal followers
b) I have two best friends and I'm the right hand of the leader of our clicque
c) I have two close friends but I better get along with one more than with the other
d) I'm friendly to everyone
e) I have a gay best friend and a girl good friend

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4) Best Halloween costume?
a) a bunny
b) a catwoman
c) a mouse
d) something really scary like a zombie (ex)bride (that's bout Halloween is about, right?
e) I don't celebrate Halloween. I prefer staying at home and watching with my friends some scary horror movies

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5) Your relationship status...?
a) I have an ex, I cheated in a relationship and currently I'm dating a jock
b) I'm interested in a guy who's ignoring me
c) I sleep with whoever I want... and I'm ineterested in a guy who I musn't be
d) I have a crush on my friend's ex
e) I don't care about relationships. However, if I meet someone inetersting I'll give him a chance.

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6) Which one of these sentences is most relatable to you?
a) I live in a huge house and I've always been treated like a princess
b) my dad is an inventor and a bussinessman
c) I'm psychic
d) I had an unusual childhood
e) my best friend betrayed me

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7) What's the best way to getting noticed by your crush?
a) say something bad about the girl he likes
b) text him a lot, always talk to him and be like a satellite. The harder I try, the bigger the chance he will notice me, right?
c) Just normally flirt with him. Oh, and look really good.
d) Being friendly, talk to him... or act helpless and ask him for help. For example, tutoring.
e) To be honest, nothing. What will be, will be.

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8) After school you....
a) go to the mall of course
b) do whatever my friends say
c) all I care is just being with my friends
d) spending time with my family, going to the theater...
e) I have a part-time job so I go to work

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9) Which one of these rumors could people spread about you?
a) that I'm an evil dictator
b) I have seriously no idea. I think if someone spreads a rumor about me, he/she is just jealous of my awesomeness and popularity.
c) that I'm a slut
d) that I'm a less hot version and a clone of the school Queen Bee
e) that I'm a lesbian or anything made-up like this

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10) Are you vengeful?
a) I don't think so
b) I'm sure everybody loves me, so I don't have a reason to be vengeful
c) What?
d) If someone makes me angry, sure.
e) You have to hurt me really bad to make me vengeful.

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11) Okay last question. Which zodiac sign are you?
a) aries, leo, scorpio
b) gemini, libra, aquarius
c) cancer, sagittarius
d) virgo, pisces
e) taurus, capricorn

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Mostly A: You're just like Regina

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The school Queen Bee, most popular girl and leader of The Plastics clicque.

Mostly B: You're just like Gretchen

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The cute beta of clicque and Regina's right hand. She's always there for her friends and is kinda gossipy.

Mostly C: You're just like Karen

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Karen is the friendly sweetheart. She's beautiful and has 'special talent'.

Mostly D: You're just like Cady

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The smartest and most sensible of the group, however when it comes to boys she can easily lose her head.

Mostly E: You're just like Janis

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Hard-working, vengeful and sensible. Janis is open-minded and doesn't judge a book by its cover.

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So which character did you got? Which quiz would you like to see next? Let me know! Your Meshty♥