Things are very strange. On November 14th I went about my usual day, expecting the time traveler to find me. That day ended and a new day began. I was worried to an extent, but I have a feeling that time travelers probably have a busy schedule. Regardless, I always impatient.

My flowers have begun to bloom in winter, another sign?

What haunts me, is that this God of a time traveler has suddenly disappeared when he was going to give me undeniable proof.

I wonder if the equalizer is punishing him, or controlling him. Could this just be a plot to CONTROL me? To PUNISH me?

I went down to the creek where I met the time traveler first. The leaves are now earthy tones of brown, red and orange. Hardly any water, only smoke in the air.

Doors have begun to open on their own. My poor dog sees some sorts of shadows from time to time.

The time traveler has disappeared in face of proof. The equalizer balances the world.

I dont really know what to say, its 11:11.

Thisis just a short update.