300. Hufflepuffs are those friends that make you message them after a night out to let them know you got home safely

299. Hufflepuffs always feel very guilty for being late to the classes although it doesnt stop them from doing that

298. Hufflepuff is actually the most rebellious house, and contains the most free-spirited members of all the houses

Helga Hufflepuff was the only one of the four founding heads of house to not name out specific, limiting house characteristics–she wasn’t interested in a house full of people who fit into a particular box. She went against the grain by welcoming all types…and the members of her house share this same non-conforming spirit

297. Hufflepuffs get super pumped for Halloween and make super elaborate costumes and buy a bunch of candy just to hand out to anyone they see. They also go to school in their costumes and bring candy on Halloween

296. Considering the dorms are right next to the kitchens, the Hufflepuffs have held secret cookie-baking parties for decades. Hufflepuffs have gone to a ‘recreational house meeting’ the entirety of the day before winter holiday, baking every kind of cookie, coating them in every kind of icing, and eating up the school’s sugar supply

295. There’s a stuffed toy badger in the hufflepuff common room nicknamed the badger of honour. A hufflepuff is presented with the badger of honour whenever they achieve something to be proud of, from getting an O in that test you studied really hard for, to not getting a detention for an entire fortnight, to FINALLY passing your apparition test. It is then the hufflepuff’s responsibility to look after the badger of honour and pass it on whenever they notice someone doing something to be proud of

294. Bodger and Badger becomes something of a meme amongst the hufflepuffs in the 90s

293. There is a biscuit tin on a shelf in the hufflepuff common room, that is full of comforting food for anyone having a bad day. The hufflepuffs all contribute to make sure it stays full and anyone is welcome to take as many biscuits as they like. The ravenclaws thought this was a great idea and tried to implement it in their common room. The biscuits all got eaten in 2 hours and the tin has never been refilled.

292. Hufflepuffs rapping along to Black and Yellow at every quidditch match

291. Hufflepuffs always make sure to take their own plastic bags with them when they go shopping

290. The hufflepuff common room is always full of lines of about 20 hufflepuffs all sat on the floor braiding each other’s hair

289. Hufflepuffs will always be at the airport 3 hours before their flight takes off. Better safe than sorry.

288. Muggleborn hufflepuffs are forever disappointed that even though they’ve discovered magic is real, their dog still can’t talk to them

287. Hufflepuffs were those kids with 538 beanie babies

286. There’s an old badger plushie named Huffie that gets passed around to Hufflepuffs that are homesick or heartbroken. It’s been charmed to smell like whatever the person hugging it is most comforted by. It’s been used by generations of Hufflepuffs, and it’s a source of great comfort to find Huffie tucked into your bed or placed beside you as you study for exams

285. Hufflepuffs are those friends that will always make you a glass of water and some toast when you get in after a night out

284. Hufflepuffs love having random dance parties for no reason. They will stop right then and there and dance their happy hearts out. Students and teachers at first stared and were confused by the sudden dancing. Now they see it all the time they either don’t notice or join in

283. Hufflepuffs campaigning against the unethical sourcing of animal parts for the potions ingredients required for school

282. Hufflepuffs that always feel really bad about eating chocolate frogs so decide to keep them as a pet. It’s a nice idea but goes a bit pear shaped when the frogs decide to relax in front of the fire in the common room. The funeral lasts 3 days.

281. Hufflepuffs still insisting that pluto is a planet, much to the chagrin of their astronomy professor

280. At the end of every year, first year Hufflepuffs prank a teacher with kindness. Only teacher they never prank is Professor Snape because he hates pranks. Because they don’t want him to be left out, 7th years get him interesting potions ingredients as a thank you present upon their graduation

279. The Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff rivalry rumors aren’t true. Ravenclaws highly enjoy the company of a Hufflepuff and their open minds

278. Hufflepuffs are often ones who fight to have diverse holidays at Hogwarts. Christmas time, for example, is a time with many religious celebrations, not just those of Christianity. (Which the Ravenclaws help point out that Christmas has very Pagan, very violent roots.) Hogwarts now celebrates Jewish, Muslim, and Hindu holidays as well as Christmas

277. Hufflepuffs that can’t imagine spending christmas anywhere other than home

276. Teddy Lupin always sporting yellow and black hair for quidditch matches

275. When hufflepuffs get drunk they become very emotional and spend the evening trying to make sure their friends know just how much they LOVE them all

274. Hufflepuffs being personally offended whenever their parents complain about the badger that’s been walking all over their flowerbeds

273. If a Hufflepuff noticed that a student missed a meal then they will go to the kitchen and get them some food to give to them. They will ask them what’s wrong and sit with them as long as they want/need. It doesn’t matter what house the student is from either

272. There comes a time in which a hufflepuff can no longer give. They get so caught up in seeing the needs of others that they find themselves empty. They are weary and sad from giving to everyone but themselves. Their friends will see this change and come around and huddle around their tired friend with blankets and chocolate. They will speak of the balance of loving others and loving yourself. They’ll share their stories and how they practice self care and the night unfolds in smiles and hugs

271. Around the holidays, Hufflepuff prefects will get everyone together and assign a staff member to each Hufflepuff. The student must then create a meaningful gift and deliver it without the staff member knowing ( they usually know which house it is from through )

270. Hufflepuffs are always the quickest to master apparition because they’re naturally determined and don’t expect success on the first try and are prepared to work hard to achieve it

269. Hufflepuffs usually feel really weird about networking. The idea of getting ahead based on who you know rather than your talent or hard work makes them kinda uncomfortable

268. Upperclass hufflepuffs taking in nervous first years and helping them to get adjusted, learn study skills, meet new people, etc

267. Instead of sending anon hate, hufflepuffs organize and send waves upon waves of anon love

266. Hufflepuffs are those students that buy Christmas presents for all their teachers

265. Hufflepuffs having candles all over the dormitories to make it smell good in the winter. Special candles for the different holidays or how they are feeling

264. After Hogwarts reopened, the hufflepuffs started having a program that would allow students to stay at school over the summer if they wanted to (or if they needed to)

263. Hufflepuffs that are still looking after their tamagotchis in 2017

262. Hogwarts students all sign each other’s robes on the last day of seventh year. Surprisingly it’s always the hufflepuffs who end up with a pair of robes covered in drawings of dicks

261. Hufflepuffs that wear their pyjamas under their robes to lessons because they really couldn’t give a fuck

260. Muggleborn hufflepuffs going home for the holidays and having to read their younger siblings a bed time story. Once they get a request for The Three Little Pigs and they get up to the wolf’s line of ‘I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house down’ and look into the camera like they’re on the office

259. The biggest secret of hufflepuff is that all of the plants in the common room are actually fake. Confessing this to any of the other houses is tantamount to sacrilege

258. Hufflepuffs experimenting with hair dye for the first time and lamenting over the fact that there’s no fucking colour that goes with yellow and black

257. Working at/in a retirement community is a very Hufflepuff job. We have a lot of love in us, and we always cry when someone dies

256. Hagrid is still teaching as a professor in 2017 and goes to watch How to Train your dragon when it comes out with Charlie Weasley and all the Hufflepuffs. Tears were shed

255. Hufflepuff have a little plaque next to a portrait of helga hufflepuff dedicated to all the fallen Hufflepuffs so that they are never forgotten

254. This year, hufflepuff plan to hold a school wide field trip to all the other wizarding schools so that they can meet new people

253. Hufflepuffs organising a second hand uniform sale for students who come from poorer families

252. Unlike the other houses, most hufflepuffs manage to keep in regular contact with their friends from before hogwarts once they go away to school. Sure it’s hard only seeing your friends on the school holidays but hufflepuffs always make sure to put in the effort to stay in touch

251. The Hufflepuffs sleep in hammocks in the dorm rooms. Either that or they sleep in super soft beds with loads of blankets for winter. Each of the blankets are different and unique, just like each Hufflepuff

250. Zacharias Smith, or other Hufflepuffs in general, loved tricking the non-Hufflepuffs to knock on the common room door and walk in, resulting in them being drenched in vinegar

352. Whenever the hufflepuffs play hide and seek, there’s always that one first year they can’t find for hours because they’ve squeezed themselves into the tiniest space humanly possible

351. Hufflepuffs that cry whenever they watch a david attenborough documentary

350. Muggleborn hufflepuffs panicking when they don’t know the answers to their care of magical creatures exam so they end up writing an essay about hobbits

349. At the beginning of every year, Hufflepuffs will host a welcome party for the first years, without ever calling it that - they will simply tell the new students that they’re hanging out. They get snacks from the kitchen; Muggle-borns will bring Cadbury and other Muggle sweets for the new Muggle-borns so they feel right at home; there’s board games and lemon tea and hot chocolate; and prefects will linger casually for first years to ask them the questions they‘re too scared to ask the teachers

348. Those Hufflepuffs who will ‘throw down’, but doesn’t want to really, because people will get hurt

347. Even when hufflepuffs try to only highlight the important information on the page, they end up highlighting pretty much the whole text

346. Hufflepuffs convincing the house elves to let them use the kitchen for their own version of the great british bake off

345. Hufflepuffs are those people who you ask something basic like ‘what’s you favourite colour?’ and they reply ‘I don’t know! It’s so hard to pick favourites, it changes every day!’

344. Hufflepuffs finding a knut tails side up and turning it over so at least it will be lucky for someone else

343. Hufflepuff mums texting you ‘lol’ because they think it means lots of love

342. Nothing inspires hufflepuffs more than the song ‘Almost There’ from Princess and the Frog

341. 25 year old hufflepuffs finding out that their parents lied and it’s actually not illegal to have the lights on in the back of the car when someone’s driving and their whole world just crumbles around them

340. Hufflepuffs being so conflicted after the lesson on mandrakes because mandrake root is used in all sorts of incredibly potions that really help people but equally that plant was alive and wizards are just going to chop it up and stick it in a cauldron

339. The seventh year Hufflepuffs decided to make it tradition to fill the common room with cookies for the first years… all from scratch and handmade. That spreads to second year and above when a couple of students with a talent for baking decided to assist, eventually inviting everyone else to help. Somehow, word got out and this is now a school-wide practice

338. Hufflepuffs make an effort to support the underdogs whenever they go to a quidditch match

337. Hufflepuff students are the ones that know the names of all the shop owners in Hogsmeade and always make sure to say hello to them when they’re allowed on a trip to the village

336. Everyone thinks hufflepuffs are like dogs but in reality, they’re more like cats. They can be incredibly loyal but their loyalty has to be earned, not demanded through blind faith. They’re not a big fan of stressful environments. And they are perfectly content to just sit and be with their friends, showing their love through the little things rather than constant enthusiasm.

Plus they’re scary when they’re angry.

335. In 2008, the hufflepuffs were obsessed with the badger badger song

334. When travelling, hufflepuffs will have a long list of things they want to do compiled from their extensive research on trip advisor, and a packed itinerary to make sure they can fit everything in

333. Hufflepuff students are always the best at interacting with hippogriffs since being polite is second nature to them

332. Hufflepuffs are the best friends to have because they somehow always seem to have exactly what you need in a difficult situation. Got a headache? Here’s some paracetamol. Short on change for the bus? Here’s the exact amount you need. Need an emergency tampon? They’ve got you covered.

331. Hufflepuffs always had the most pristine towns in animal crossing and were horrified when they visited their ravenclaw friend whose town was overrun by weeds

330. When Snape made fun of Hermione’s teeth (despite having been bullied at her age), the Hufflepuff classes made sure that she never felt lonely by supporting S.P.E.W. even more than they already did and make sure she always felt like she had friends (besides Harry and Ron)

329. Nothing annoys hufflepuffs more than queue jumpers. Everybody has to wait their turn, no exceptions.

328. Hufflepuffs insisting on turning off every electrical item in the house before they go on holiday in case it explodes

327. The noticeboard in the hufflepuff common room is always filled with inspiring and positive messages

326. Hufflepuffs have a tendency to assume that anyone wearing yellow is repping their hufflepuff pride, nodding knowingly at muggles who have no idea what’s going on

325. Hufflepuff mums being those embarrassing parents that insist on you wearing a helmet when riding your training broom even though it’s totally cramping your style

324. Contrary to what people think about Hufflepuffs they’re actually the proudest house. Everyone would assume it would be Slytherin or Gryffindor. However, Hufflepuff is the house that makes the best mascot, wears the most badger logos and colour themselves most in yellow and black. They’ll also fight strongly for their house when needed

323. Although the hufflepuff common room doesn’t seem like it’s heavily guarded, in actual fact only Hufflepuffs can remember the rhythm you need to tap to get in. People from other houses forget it a few hours after learning it. If you write down the pattern on a piece if paper, you mysteriously lose it, but if you’re on friendly terms with Hufflepuff, and good to other people, you can remember and enter

322. A group of third year hufflepuff girls deciding to name their squad the powerpuff girls

320. Hufflepuffs organising bake sales to raise money for charity

319. Hufflepuffs wearing black and white, badger inspired face paint for quidditch matches

318. Hufflepuffs organising a load of puppies to come into hogwarts for a day during exam season so people can pet them and relieve some of their stress

317. Whenever hufflepuffs attend a party in another house common room, they’ll always stay to the end to help clean up and make sure they’ve thanked the host properly for inviting them

316. Hufflepuffs looking through their school uniform like “Yellow-black, yellow-black, yellow-black, yellow-black… Oh, black and yellow. Yeah, let’s shake it up a little”

315. Hufflepuffs using nifflers to hold their own version of the shiny show

314. Everyone wants to be partnered with a hufflepuff during trust exercises because they’re the only people you can really trust not to drop you (on purpose)

313. Hufflepuffs supporting the wimbourne wasps quidditch team purely because they play in yellow and black

312. Hufflepuffs will panic when they couldn’t hear what you said so will just reply ‘yes’ and hope for the best

311. Hufflepuffs will immediately offer a cup of tea and a biscuit to anyone that comes round to their house

310. A staple of every hufflepuff birthday party is a colin the caterpillar cake. It’s just not a birthday without it

309. Hufflepuffs that want to be caring of all animals but man they just fucking hate spiders

308. Hufflepuffs with a playlist of motivational music with everything ranging from eye of the tiger to bob the builder

307. After watching toy story, hufflepuff kids made sure to give all their toys equal room on the bed in case any of them got upset

306. Hufflepuffs were the only kids who had the patience to create those ridiculously complex blue peter projects like the diy tracy island

305. Hufflepuffs that get incredibly stressed about big deadlines for school projects. It’s not that they’re stressed about their own project which they know will be finished with a few days to spare, they’re more worried about their friends who will still be finishing it off with 20 minutes until the deadline

304. The hufflepuffs decide it would be a nice idea to introduce the house mascots at quidditch matches and spend months crafting a perfect badger costume to support their team. As great as it is, it’s nowhere near as iconic as the slytherin mascot aka a first year zipped up in a sleeping bag

303. Newt Scamander making a magical version of cbbc’s Deadly 60 to get wizard kids more interested in magical creatures

302. Hufflepuffs always say please and thank you to the house elves and other staff members, even after they’ve left Hogwarts

301. Hufflepuffs will always make sure to thank their bus driver when they get off the bus

400. When hufflepuffs get sick they’ll go to the nearest pharmacy and buy everything that sounds even remotely related to their illness

“why are you buying contact lens solution? you don’t even wear contacts”

“my eyes hurt”

“you have hayfever”


399. Hufflepuffs getting really emotionally attached to inanimate objects because they kinda look like they have a face

398. Hufflepuffs are those parents who read 50 different advice books on how to raise kids and feel betrayed when they still don’t know what the hell they’re doing

397. Hufflepuffs that always find it hilarious to answer the phone with ‘yello’ rather than ‘hello’

‘get it??? because it sounds like yellow and I’m a HUFFLEPUFF’

‘yeah steve, we get it’

396. Hufflepuffs who keep buying the same makeup they’ve been using since they were 14 because honestly, they know it does the fucking job so why bother changing?

395. Hufflepuffs are the most likely to just randomly want to do something. just randomly thinking “I want to make banana bread” at 2AM

394. Being a Hufflepuff does NOT mean being happy all the time! Being a Hufflepuff is being loyal and kind and generous! Depressed Hufflepuffs that put on fake smiles for their friends but cry in the bathroom stalls where nobody can see! Depressed Hufflepuffs that participate in self harm but nobody noticed because they always wear long sleeves! Hufflepuffs finding out about these poor souls and petitioning for a consular to be put in place at Hogwarts, and HM McGonagall complying!

393. Hufflepuffs are the types of people who would feel bad for not helping anyone. They would give the couple of cents they have to the homeless, help someone cross the road, and help another student when things get tough

392. Hufflepuffs are the type of people who ask ‘can I pet your dog’ even though they’ve already started petting your dog

391. Hufflepuffs always manage to squeeze themselves into the most ridiculously tiny spots when playing hide and seek. Who needs to breathe when you’re guaranteed to win the game?

390. ‘With a little help from my friends’ is the hufflepuff house song

389. Hufflepuffs are almost always early to classes and club meetings as they hate to keep people waiting

388. Hufflepuffs are the people who see a police officer on duty in the summer months directing traffic and go to the nearest gas station to get them a cold beverage

387. Hufflepuffs often cheer for the losing Quidditch team regardless of what house they are

386. The reason why everyone thinks that hufflepuffs are so “weak” is that they never know when they have done something. Because pranks, or getting back at bullies is obviously something that they don’t do. Even though they are the most loyal ones… and we are apparently also very sneaky when it matters!

385. Sometimes when the weather is bad, Hufflepuffs like to build giant blanket forts in the common room, cozy up and have movie marathons. Last time, they all dragged their pillows and comforters from their beds into the common room and snuggled up together to watch a bunch of Studio Ghibli films

384. Hufflepuffs are super crafty and have a knack for art. They love to DIY things and pick up creative hobbies like watercolor painting or crocheting

383. It’s somewhat often to see some Hufflepuffs assertive, but when they do, they mean the best for everyone

382. Hufflepuffs are the type of parents to tell you ‘I’m not angry, I’m just disappointed’ and somehow make you feel even worse

381. There are few things in life more terrifying than an angry hufflepuff

380. Hufflepuffs that always spend so long in the scented candle store that they leave and realise they’d forgotten what normal air smelled like

379. Hufflepuffs telling people that their pet doesn’t usually like people, just to see how happy it makes people when they think the pet likes them especially

378. Snape didn’t have many friends growing up, but one hufflepuff girl (that might have maybe fancied him a bit, possibly) made it her job to cheer up the solemn-faced Slytherin. Leaving him cookies, charming tiny instruments to play happy music in his ear as he walked down the halls, sneaking loads of puppies into his dorm to keep him company, etc. He might have enjoyed it a little more than he let on

377. Hufflepuff’s can destroy anyone at a food eating contest. Modern day Hufflepuff’s have YouTube channel’s dedicated to them competing to see who can swallow the most hot dogs in one minute or eat 50 donuts without throwing up

376. Hufflepuffs love baking and always have a cookie jar full in the common room

375. Hufflepuffs are those friends that will offer to give you a lift home even if it’s kind of out of their way

374. Whenever hufflepuffs discover a new favourite book or movie, they feel kind of bad for betraying their old favourite and hurting its feelings

373. Hufflepuffs watching a shitty tv show just because their favourite actor was in it for 0.05 seconds

372. Hufflepuffs who had just graduated went to see the bee movie with the rest of the Hufflepuff squad during the summer holidays. When the rest of the Hufflepuffs return to school, a few weeks later one receives a howler, and when they open it, the just graduated Hufflepuffs voices are all heard screaming “BLACK AND YELLOW!” To which all the Hufflepuffs scream “EYOOOO”. The rest of the houses are shocked and confused, while professor sprout is literally rolling on the floor laughing

371. In the spring, hufflepuffs will often sit out by the black lake making daisy chain crowns they then proceed to wear around for the rest of the day

370. Hufflepuff muggleborns paperclipping lined paper behind their parchment when writing essays to help them write in a straight line. At least they learned something useful in primary school.

369. Nobody ever suspects them, but it’s always the hufflepuffs that cause the most damage on muckup day

368. Hufflepuffs get really excited when they figure out a texting phrase without looking it up

367. Hufflepuffs are constantly lending out quills and parchment to their friends in gryffindor and ravenclaw who never seem to turn up to class prepared

366. Every friday afternoon the hufflepuff common room is used for circle time

365. Hufflepuffs that hum the pink panther theme tune whenever they sneak out of bed after hours

364. Whenever a hufflepuff pulled off a prank, tonks would mimic their features to make sure they had a solid alibi and wouldn’t get caught

363. How to get a Hufflepuff to your house:

step 1. Tell them you’re sick

step 2. Wait five seconds

step 3. Profit! (Good luck helping them get over you lying to them though)

362. Hufflepuffs discovering the room of requirement and deciding that the best possible use for this magic would be to create a giant ball pit

361. During some time chilling with the Hufflepuffs, a muggleborn Gryfffindor revealed that he was from a family of flat-earthers. It did not end well

360. One day, a mysterious note is found pinned on the wall next to the Hufflepuff common room door written in perfect Times New Roman saying “You’re not the potato house, you’re the sweet potato house”

359. Hufflepuffs changing the lyrics of ‘yellow submarine’ to ‘we all live in a yellow common room’

358. The hufflepuff kids putting a spin on the muggle tradition and using buttercups to tell if you’re going to be sorted into hufflepuff or not. hufflecups.

357. A disproportionate number of Chudley Cannons fans are Hufflepuffs. Because, you know, loyalty

356. Never play dobble with a hufflepuff. Although they’ll apologise profusely for it, they will inevitable scratch your hand in an effort to take the card before you

355. When at disney world, hufflepuffs will happily spend 3 hours on the people mover

354. Hufflepuffs have a secret service that observes the school and targets anyone who’s dealt with a bad day recently. Whoever it is they pick as their next client will find trays upon trays worth of cookies floating above their head when they wake up… no matter which house. The clients are left joyful but confused as to how exactly the cookies arrived there in the first place, but that’s a Puff secret

353. When you’re waiting in a long line for something, you can always rely on the hufflepuff to instantly come up with ten different games you could play to pass the time

454. Tall hufflepuffs who will always get things on the top shelf for you if they see you’re struggling

453. Hufflepuffs who start conversations with cashiers and tell the delivery guy to drive safely and have a good day

452. Hufflepuffs who dance while they’re baking, or doing anything really, but mostly baking

451. Hufflepuffs are the best at throwing surprise parties for their teachers/boss

450. Hufflepuffs are uncommonly good at staying friends with their exes

449. Hufflepuffs who start out by saying their pet is going to sleep downstairs but almost immediately get swayed by their crying and let their pet sleep in bed with them

448. Hufflepuffs are those people that start revising 2 months before anyone else has even thought about it

447. Hufflepuffs are those people that will share their umbrella with you when it’s raining but also accidentally keep hitting you in the head with it

446. When a classmate who has been sick asks them for their class notes, Hufflepuffs will stress out because they’re afraid their classmate will have trouble understanding what they’ve written down

445. Hufflepuffs who are horrified at people who can’t be bothered to separate their recycling

444. A Hufflepuff who’s introvert at first but opens up when they feel comfortable with the person. It even turns out that they’re a bit wild sometimes (especially late at night or with just a few drinks)

443. Hufflepuffs know what it’s like to feel anger and bitterness. But know that they won’t let such negativity affect your friendship. They do not bring along problems outside from whence it came. They will settle it as soon as they can; they might not forget, but forgiving is easy if it’s mutual and earnest on both parts

442. Sometimes Hufflepuffs are the ones who’ve gone through the hardest stuff. Sometimes theyre the ones who wear all black and have a rocky home life because that forced them to learn how much they appreciate love. Even if they are like they they’re still the one who’s always trying their best to be happy and hugging all their friends. Sometimes Hufflepuffs went through some shit to get there

441. Some Hufflepuffs carry a bag full of stuff they packed while think of their pals

440. Everybody knows that hufflepuffs make the best cups of tea

439. Hufflepuffs are closest to the slytherins and hufflepuff/slytherin romantic relatinships are the most common

438. Hufflepuffs that are depressed are more common than one may think but all the other hufflepuffs make sure that they know that they have an entire support system behind them

437. Hufflepuffs are the ones that share their Netflix account with people so their friends don’t have to pay for one

436. Hufflepuffs, are less likely to need therapy in their later years. Unlike other houses, they don’t feel like they need to prove themselves, be successful, or strive to be the smartest from the age of 12. At the start they genuinely aren’t sure of what the future will hold, but they know that as long as they work hard, care for others, and have good friends, wherever they end up will be worth it

435. Hufflepuffs who get super mad if someone sits in their seat in the classroom

434. When visiting a busy city with friends, hufflepuffs are the ones who make sure everybody knows the contingency plan for if somebody gets lost

433. Hufflepuffs tearing out the page and starting their homework again because they wrote the date wrong and it messed up the entire page

432. Hufflepuffs who ALWAYS drink from their special mug and god help you if you steal it

431. Hufflepuffs know all the best apps and websites to help with your studying

430. When going through airport security, hufflepuffs will always have all their electronics and liquids out of their bag and be ready waiting with their shoes off before it’s even their turn

429. Hufflepuffs who would never dream of calling in sick to work if they weren’t actually ill

428. Hufflepuffs are those people that always seem to have both sunglasses and an umbrella in their bag

427. Older Hufflepuff students teaching younger ones spells to protect/help themselves. You keep getting hexed in the halls? Let’s practice your shield charms. You have an anxiety disorder? Let’s work on a calming potions

426. Hufflepuffs don’t usually do this but, when necessary, they can manipulate teachers or any person and the person wouldn’t even notice what happened

425. Hufflepuffs, only owning maybe four or so pieces of black clothing, still manage to accidentally wear them all at once

424. A tiny smol hufflepuff who everyone thinks of as the shy one but during one quiditch match she suddenly start singing some screamo heavy metal song to support her house and everyone is s h o o k d

423. When you’re rude to a hufflepuff that’s been nothing but nice to you and they act aggressively nicer after you’ve ticked them off

422. Hufflepuffs are those people that will always cry at DIY SOS

421. Hufflepuffs who are super emotionally invested in the meerkats from the compare the market adverts

420. Hufflepuffs are those parents that will offer you something to eat and will be personally offended if you turn them down

419. Hufflepuffs who want to help save the bees but will also run five miles, screaming in terror any time they see a bee

418. Hufflepuffs who conceal their problems to help with yours. Hufflepuffs who break down after small things BECAUSE of doing so. Hufflepuffs who smile at everyone when only having a couple of true friends themselves

417. Hufflepuffs love the fact that dinosaurs have feathers

416. You can always count on a hufflepuff to be there to hold your hair back at the end of a night full of regrets

415. When they first bought their monster book of monsters, hufflepuffs biggest concern was how they were going to feed it

414. Hufflepuffs are those kids who do their homework in the library during lunch so they don’t have anything to do after school

413. If you’re arguing with a hufflepuff and they fall silent, run for your life. A silently angry hufflepuff is so much worse than when they’re shouting at you

412. Hufflepuff artists who don’t tend to get the normal art block but instead aren’t proud of their art and thus get frustrated because they want to create something but aren’t feeling their own work

411. A hufflepuff deciding to read the original version of some of their favourite fairytales from when they were kids and just sitting for hours afterwards in shock at how dark they were

410. Hufflepuff parties always seem to have a giant table full of food as the host tries to accommodate everybody’s preferences

409. Hufflepuffs that still know all the words to a show they were in when they were 13

408. When hufflepuffs go on a date with someone, there’s always an older hufflepuff that is like the parent friend, and they are also there for the kid if the date goes sour

407. A disproportionately large number of Chudley Cannon fans are Hufflepuffs. Because, you know…loyalty through any hardship

406. Nothing seems more stupid to a hufflepuff than people who stop liking something just because it’s popular now

405. Hufflepuffs are the ones who often like to drench their French fries in ketchup

404. Hufflepuffs will get very upset if someone else tries to play as their character in mario kart

403. Not all Hufflepuffs are shy, little, cute people who always magically look gorgeous in yellow. We come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and undertones and all of us could kick some serious ass

402. Hufflepuffs are those friends who make a joke and everybody’s just like ‘mate… that meme died 4 years ago what are you doing?’

401. Hufflepuffs that still go to check on that tree they planted with their brownie pack 10 years ago

500. There’s always one Hufflepuff who’s probably doodling flowers on their parchment

499. Whilst in many regards hufflepuffs seem to have their life put together, when it comes to laundry they’re the ones who will go 2 months without washing their bras

498. Hufflepuffs will put off washing a new jumper for as long as possible because they’re worried that will reduce its coziness

497. Whenever people say hufflepuff is just the house for all the leftovers, hufflepuffs make a point of saying that in fact, their house does have an important quality… but they make it something completely ridiculous

“lol you’re a hufflepuff? weren’t good enough for any of the other houses then?”

“actually the sorting hat put me in hufflepuff because I can lick my elbow. we all can.”

496. Hufflepuffs being so passionate in what they believe in that it comes off as tense emotions. Also, struggling with taking one side of an issue because they want to validate the feelings and opinions of everyone

495. Hufflepuffs are those friends who will laugh at your joke even if nobody else heard it

494. Hufflepuffs who refuse to go cycling with their friends unless everybody is wearing a helmet

493. Hufflepuff friends who will sit down and automatically share their headphones without even thinking about it

492. Hufflepuffs are full of old wives tales their parents used to tell them. They don’t even believe them they just say them out of habit

491. Not all puffs are kind and nice. Some will be nearly entirely focused on being hard working. Normally this is for a good cause but that doesn’t mean they are always happy

490. Hufflepuffs have a system where people can donate their junk to be transformed into muggle money by the puffs that are best at transfiguration. This money goes to helping students who suffer from domestic violence at their home

489. Hufflepuff’s are the people that go to sports events and cheer for everyone, no matter what team. Especially if that person is their friend. They are also the person to congratulate the winning and losing team. No matter what. They always want people to feel appreciated

488. Hufflepuff girls will always have a spare tampon when you need it

487. Hufflepuffs start to pick up their friends’ habits after they’ve been hanging out with them for a while

486. Hufflepuffs always say “bless you” after their pet sneezes

485. The hufflepuff common room has loads of pop up tents for sleepovers so the hufflepuffs can pretend they’re camping without actually having to commit to sleeping in the freezing scottish outdoors

484. Hufflepuffs will volunteer to donate blood for their boss’s surgery, even if they hate their job (and their boss) and are terribly afraid of needles, after eavesdropping about the situation by accident

483. If a friend is questioning their gender identity/presentation all their Hufflepuff friends will go over the top with their own presentation to divert pressure and attention away from the friend as they experiment

482. Hufflepuffs are not above over using preferred pronouns and chosen names for every trans* person they know. This annoys those less than supportive folks, but damn if it ain’t effective

481. Lots of Hufflepuffs are probably vegetarian because they love animals so much

480. Hufflepuffs are more likely to stay in toxic relationships due to their undying loyalty

479. Hufflepuffs love planting their own gardens so much for the taste of fresh produce

478. Hufflepuffs always help disabled people who stuggle to walk for long or moving in tight spaces to get through the barrels into the common room

477. Everyone always says hufflepuffs are shy and sweet but many hufflepuss are actually incredibly loud because they never know when their volume is raised and aren’t afraid to be violent if they need to be

476. Drunk hufflepuff girls are the purest people on the planet. It’s a fact.

475. Hufflepuffs who always get extremely excited whenever they get to use a revolving door

474. Hufflepuffs are the type to hate conflict and disappointment so much, they do others’ chores for them so that there’s no chance of negativity towards them. It’s stressful

473. Hufflepuffs are those kids that always start panicking whenever the teacher tries to move on to the next slide before they’ve written down every single word on the board

472. Hufflepuffs who bewitch potted plants so the pots float and move in and out of sunlight depending on what the plant needs in that moment

471. Every year, the hufflepuffs throw a very formal and very exclusive tea party on the school grounds. Everyone has to dress up and they eat lots of cakes, sandwiches, and tea. People from other houses are invited, but only by a golden invitation

470. Hufflepuffs are more sad when an animal extra dies in a movie than a human extra

469. Hufflepuffs still have that award they won in primary school even through college

468. Hufflepuffs like to fill their diaries with lil trinkets of memories that make them happy and write down the small details of their friends and family

467. Hufflepuffs get incredibly excited about receiving something for free, no matter what it is

466. Hufflepuffs with ADHD are those kids who slip by unnoticed for the first half of their schooling and then once they become a teenager adults think they’re annoying and don’t know what to do with them but they just want to be accepted

465. Short hufflepuffs who still maintain that they just haven’t had their growth spurt yet, even though they’re in their late twenties

464. Hufflepuffs who will try to guide their grandparents through technical difficulties over the phone even though they realise it’s an impossible task

465. Hufflepuffs who get incredibly excited when one of their teachers is getting married

464. Hufflepuffs that are really kind and loyal to everybody but fear losing everybody they get attached to

463. Hufflepuffs and slytherins are good together cause they both accept them for who they are and help them with their lives

462. Your Hufflepuff friends will lose it if you tell them that you didn’t want to talk about your problems because you think that your situation is not bad enough and not worth of any attention, or because you didn’t want to bother them. It’s not true. You matter to them, and don’t you dare thinking otherwise

461. Hufflepuffs who try to jumpscare their friends but always end up making them laugh instead

460. Puffs are the people who can give really good advice about relationships but don’t follow their own advice. They want to see people find love so bad they have trouble finding their own

459. Hufflepuffs who see Roger and Anita from 101 Dalmatians as the ultimate couple goals. Anyone who’ll adopt 85 puppies, no questions asked, clearly has their priorities sorted

458. Hufflepuffs always being the the ones to check that none of their siblings have forgotten that it’s mum’s birthday next week

457. There have been cases of Hufflepuff students screaming “BOIL ‘EM! MASH ‘EM STICK ‘EM IN A STEW!” after being called “The Potato House”

456. Hufflepuffs don’t like to put their feelings on others so, as a result, bottle up feelings until ultimately breaking

455. Hufflepuff x hufflepuff friendships are just a ton of laughing and almost never any drama

550. Hufflepuffs getting excited when they see a well-loved copy of their favorite book at a charity center, because the book was probably donated because the previous owner knew others would need it more

549. Puffs are incredibly over-enthusiastic when it comes to preparing for holidays. As soon as October hits, Puffs are setting up lights and Christmas trees in the common room (also menorahs and kinaras out of respect to their friends celebrating Kwanzaa and Hanukkah)

548. Every year for Channukah the hufflepuffs set up “Mystery Menorah” which is just Jewish Secret Santa

547. For almost every holiday, hufflepuffs take over a part of the kitchen and make all the food anyone could ever eat. After a few years of this the kitchen got added on to and the new part was entirely Kosher

546. When a group of hufflepuffs are eating out they always make sure that everybody pays for what they ordered. That’s the only fair way to do it

545. If a Hufflepuff knows he or she could be helping with anything, but there is nothing for them to do, they can’t help but feel useless

544. Hufflepuffs giving names to their plants and even placing a piece of tape on each pot with the plant’s respective name written in black sharpie

543. When hufflepuffs have the chance, they lie to play a prank on someone, making them believe some outrageously inaccurate truth. But they reveal the truth before it escalates too far, hugging, laughing and asking for forgiveness from the victim

542. Hufflepuffs that wear all black and have piercings and dye their hair and some people are afraid to go up and talk to them but they’re actually really nice and sweet

541. Hufflepuffs have Bob Ross painting parties once a month

540. Hufflepuff has their own girl group band called the Power Puff Girls

539. Hufflepuffs getting kind of offended when they see someone donated a copy of their favourite book to the charity shop. Why didn’t they like it? Was it not good enough for them? How rude.

538. There’s a club in the Puff common room where puffs from muggleborn families teach puffs from wizard families muggle recipes. They meet once a week and the environment of the club meeting is usually charming and fun, because everyone is enthusiastic about learning something new. At the end of the semester, they throw a small banquet with all the food they learned to make

537. Hufflepuffs that are usually mistaken for Slytherins because they’re always arguing and swearing, but they will still fight with all their strength so that everyone can be happy

536. Hufflepuffs get unreasonably protective of ‘their seat’ in the classroom

535. Hufflepuffs like to cook and bake because it’s an easy way to make friends (and to cheer others up)!

534. Hufflepuffs who wear ripped jeans and skull tees and shite but are the softest ever

533. Once a month all of the hufflepuffs gather in the common room to binge watch episodes of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood with lots of hot chocolate and sweets

532. Quite a few Hufflepuffs have minor emotional problems but won’t admit them unless someone else shows them

531. Hufflepuffs have a tendency to bring students from other houses into their common room when they need a homey and warm change of scenery

530. If a Hufflepuff is friends with a Slytherin. You better be prepared if you insult either one of them because either way you’re gonna have to watch your back

529. Hufflepuffs saying bless you after their pet sneezes

528. Whenever someone tries to talk to them about their house, hufflepuffs just reply “you know me babes, I’m loyal”

527. Hufflepuffs that know that some people have family recipes for things like hot cocoa and know the recipe by memory so they make food/drinks exactly the way their families would make them

526. Hufflepuffs probably have the majority of lgbt+ hogwarts students in their house due to how open and caring they are

525. Hufflepuffs think having crazy bedhead is cute

524. Hufflepuffs who really try hard but have ADHD so they come off as not hard-working to many because they don’t get the best grades but their whole house just supports them and encourages them

523. The Hufflepuffs are the one who choose to be in the Hufflepuff house. I mean, nobody is just kind and loyal. For me, some hufflepuffs are also brave; others can be smart and some are ambitious, maybe they’re a combination of all these characteristics. But they all go in Hufflepuffs because for them, kindness and loyalty are the most important values

522. Insult a Hufflepuff, they couldn’t care less. Insult their friend, that’s when they get angry

521. A hufflepuff problem: writing the acknowledgements for your thesis and ending up with three full pages even though you promised yourself you would try and make it short, but you just have too many important people in your life to thank

520. There a quite a few puffs that are members of the lgbt+ community, and all the puffs that aren’t do their best to make them feel as accepted and valid as possible

519. Most hufflepuffs are scared of thunderstorms

518. Hufflepuffs have food hidden all over their common room

517. Hufflepuffs being whoever they want to be and not being constricted by the steroetypes that we are always nice and friendly; like we are boss ass bitches sometimes and we are feeling ourselves 24/7 - as well as spreading that feeling to others

516. Not all hufflepuffs are sweet and soft and pure… like theres that one in every dorm room that the others get pissed at bc theyll be jacking of or hooking up every other night

515. I feel like hufflepuffs look super innocent and soft but really we’re kinky af

514. Slytherpuffs are the ones most likely to murder someone if it means getting Fountain of Dreams back as a stage is SSB Ultimate

513. If a puff is suffering from a break up, the other puffs will have a big snuggle like in the common room and tell funny jokes and stories until they all can’t breathe from laughing

512. Hufflepuffs who stick by their slytherin friends even when they get picked on for it

511. Hufflepuffs running the advice column in the hogwarts school newspaper

510. Hufflepuffs despairing at their gryffindor and ravenclaw friends who never remember to clean their wands

509. if anyone was to push for dogs at hogwarts and succeed, it’d be a puff who missed their dog

508. The hufflepuffs always showing up to the midnight astronomy lessons in their onesies with a mug of hot chocolate

507. Hufflepuffs saying ‘too soon’ whenever someone brings up the death of a fictional character from a movie that was released 24 years ago

506. There is nothing on earth faster than a hufflepuff who has heard an ice cream van outside their house

505. Hufflepuffs organising all their friends to have a picnic at the nearest park as soon as the sun comes out

504. If someone sits down next to a hufflepuff right as they’re about to leave, the hufflepuff will wait a few minutes so they don’t hurt their feelings

503. Muggleborn hufflepuffs stressing out over all the school shootings and so members of the house find a way to join the protest and comfort their friends. Especially hogwarts alumni. They know that school should never be a place you fear your safety

502. Hufflepuffs who are LGBT feeling comfortable around their housemates, knowing that no one will judge because Hufflepuff is “the inclusive house”

501. Hufflepuffs who are personally offended by people who don’t like hummus

584. Hufflepuffs that always do a headcount of their friends when they’re visiting somewhere busy. Wouldn’t want to lose anybody

583. Gemini hufflepuffs are the cutest and cuddliest fuck ever. Although if they get mad at you they can be destructive as hell

582. Hufflepuffs don’t have a painting to get into their common room they have a Suit of armour that they hug to enter. Because who doesn’t love a hufflepuff hug

581. Hufflepuffs that are terrible at finding things and great at losing them

580. There’s nothing quite like a hufflepuff who hasn’t got enough sleep. They’re well known for responding to any sort of human interaction with an unflinching glare before announcing “I don’t give a huffle-fuck” and storming off

579. Hufflepuffs always seem to loose their mugs to Ravenclaw. They magically make more coffee (or whatever beverage you prefer) and refill every time

578. Taurus hufflepuffs are the foodiest puffs ^-^ speaking from experience

577. Shy hufflepuffs are the best. There’s not a person who can be around them that they don’t get along with, despite them saying very few words

576. If a History Huffle’s favorite ancient city/mythology comes up, you better bet yo patootie that they’ll make as many puns as possible

575. You just know that the hufflepuffs are obsessed with david attenborough documentaries

573. The Hufflepuff house not only has a support system for people with Disabilities, but also whenever a person with Disabilties feels worthless or like a burden the entire house will come and make them feel better. Also Genius Hufflepuffs have invented hard specifically for people who put down or insult people with Disabilities

572. Hufflepuffs will pick out their faves in the first episode of a tv competition and will ride or die with them until the very end

571. I have this idea that the Hufflepuffs don’t have any stupid password to get to the common room. All you need to do to get there is to ask the painting to let you in. Politely. Including ‘please’ and 'thank you’

570. There are some Puffs that absolutely lose it when people use 1920’s phrases like “what a gal” when referring to them

569. If you call a Puff a good person 9 times out of 10 they’ll lose it and get all warm and fuzzy on the inside

568. Hufflepuffs falling in love with legit anyone because houses don’t matter that much when you love someone (as long as they respect the badger tho)

567. Hufflepuffs that are tall and not your cute chubby stereotype. Hufflepuffs wearing no make-up and vintage clothing and who walk on high heels. Hufflepuffs reading the same book over and over again because they get attached to the characters

566. Hufflepuffs that are usually mistaken because for ravenclaws because of they talk enthusiastically for a long time about things that interest them and they’re always working really hard on schoolwork

565. There’s a growing group of hufflepuffs who petition for the vines that brush your hairs as you walk through doors in the hufflepuff common room to be removed as they keep on missing classes because of how knotty their hair is and get caught in the doorways way too much

564. Hufflepuffs get unnecessarily nervous before security check at the airport

563. Scorpio Hufflepuffs are the scariest possible thing if you mess with their friends

561. Hufflepuffs get worried when someone doesn’t post on their social media for awhile, when they’re usually always active

560. There is a 100% chance that Tonks changed her hair colour to black and yellow for every Hufflepuff quidditch game in her Hogwarts years

559. Hufflepuffs who hate Halloween but always help their friends with their costumes. They will also defend their friends’ love of Halloween if they start getting dissed

558. Sometimes Hufflepuffs get upset about the little things, for example, their oven not preheating fast enough for the muffins they want to bring to their friend who is having a bad day

557. If a hufflepuff sees that a post doesn’t have many likes, they will automatically like and comment on it

556. People are always asking to borrow ravenclaws’ notes but it’s the hufflepuffs’ notes you really want. You can guarantee a hufflepuff will have written down every damn word on the board and y’know, it will be legible

555. Muggleborn hufflepuffs bringing furbys to Hogwarts with them, simply because they freak the purebloods out so much

(the purebloods still maintain that the infamous furby cat massacre was an accident…. they have no idea how the scorchmarks could have got there)

554. You’ve not seen hangry until you’ve seen a hufflepuff forced to skip breakfast despite getting up at the crack of dawn

553. Hufflepuffs don’t mind spending a generous amount of money on their best friend’s birthday present but feel kind of guilty when they treat themselves with something half as expensive

552. Hufflepuffs sticking googly eyes on anything and everything in the common room. It’s the most adorable common room on school grounds

551. Every Hufflepuff I know is a cinnamon roll on the outside and on can and would kill you on the inside… just thought you’d like to know