Below is a small collection of love letters I'll never send, letters far too terrifying to get a response from, letters that make my heart ache for more.

My heart aches each night for you, it begs for your attention and care. It begs to leap from my chest into yours, to feel warm and comfortable. Strives for the bliss and care only you can bring. There's terror in these feelings though, you have captured every part of me. I am deeply infatuated with the way your lips lock onto mine and the way you pull me into you. I've grown addicted to your touch and the gentle melodies of your voice. The hum of peace and promise of protection. My heart aches each night for you, this distance is far too hard to manage, but I'll stay strong. For now I'll soothe my heartache by writing to you, and hope of a day when I can be with you. A day where my heart won't ache any more and instead I can lie in your arms and dream of happy times soon to come.

I'd blow out every candle on my cake if it meant I could be just the slightest bit closer to you. I'm short of breath and hyperventilating, the candles are put out with weakened breaths and fallen tears. If only I could be closer to you, if only I didn't have to count down the days until I could see you, if only I could see your stupid face in the halls of my school. You're a drug to me and I'm hooked on you. The short time I spend with you is heaven on Earth and each time I'm away the joy fades faster and tears come back thicker. I only want your hands on my body, no one between us, no one stopping us. I wish we could intertwine our souls and fly away from this place, just the two of us. I'll blow my candles out with fading breath and wish you closer, wish you nearer, wish you into my life. But the candles can not be blown out with such a weak breath.

It's kinda obvious that the boy I love is miles away, it really does suck. If any of you are in a long distance relationship you've probably felt this way too at some point. If not count yourself one of the lucky ones.