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Gemstones has a peculiar beauty and have been used in adorns by humanity since a long time ago.

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Some of them have been treasured and/or used with healing proposals and beneath the myths or cultural legends, we all agree each colored gemstone has a unique shining.

Each gemstone has a particular color, birthplace and origin.

Astrology gives a special meaning when associates birth months with gemstones due a historical relevance. Traditionally, a single gemstone is associate with a month (what give us text for my next article – stay tuned!).

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As well as its beauty the origin of each single gemstone is based on a mineral.
Here are the 5 most popular gemstone in the world:


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April Birthstone – Pure carbon

Diamonds are the most used gemstone in jewelry and the hardest of any stone. This gemstone come in various colors such as the common sparkling clear or yellow, blue, green.

They can accompany other gemstone but when used alone are mostly in engagement rings as symbol of eternal love.

The healing properties of this stone arranges the spiritual destiny, inner power as it encourages you to seek and radiate your internal light.


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July Birthstone – Corundum (mineral)

Corundum is one of the hardest minerals on earth which ensures ruby’s high value due its durability, hardness and rarity. If the ruby gemstone is big and transparent its can be even more valuable than diamonds.

The deep red gemstone represents love and passion, being the traditional gift for 40th wedding anniversaries.

Ruby is considered the developer of passion and confidence by stimulating enthusiasm and willingness to brand new adventures.


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September Birthstone – Corundum

Sapphire come in multiple colors ranges like pink, violet, white, green, yellow, black but the most popular is blue. The most rare is called Padparadscha, which colors remounts to pink-orange like a tropical sunset.

Rubies and sapphires come from the same mineral.

Blue sapphire is the stone of mental focus and psychic awareness. Clarifying the third eye to conceive wisdom and communication development.


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May Birthstone – Beryl

Historically, the emeralds have been considered as the royal gemstone. They also have been used in engagement and wedding rings or alongside diamonds or other gems in common jewelry. Ancient Egypt mummies were buried with an emerald on their neck that symbolized eternal youth.

The deeper the green, the more valuable the gemstone. Some rare emeralds may contain birthmarks known as inclusions and this do not decrease the value of the gemstone.

The green symbolized love and rebirth – due the Egyptians - as well as fertility once it’s Venus’ gem.

The gemstone spirituality is linked to heart’s wisdom, compassion, opening the soul to receive and give love, acting like an activator of your emotional self.


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February Birthstone – Quartz

Ancient Greeks believed that this gemstone would maintain the wearer clear headed.

Just like all quartz, amethyst is used in metaphysical work.

They were considered as a rare gemstone until a large deposit of them was found in South America, in Brazil and Uruguay, so they became measured as semi-precious.

Amethyst is available in a large range of shapes and sizes and its purple colors matches perfectly with both yellow and white metals. The rarest color of this gemstone is a deep dark purple which has inclusions of hematite and it’s only available in few countries.

This gemstone is commonly used in meditation, due to improve concentration and intuition. Is called as the provider of purification once enhances the conscious perception by calming the mind and reducing stress.

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