Hello fellow We Hearters!

I love seeing photos of this season we call Winter!

2 Reasons these Images Just Happen to be Some of my Favorites

1) the white pureness of the snow really hits me as so beautiful. I love the undisturbed view that I get of mother nature.
2) seeing the snow brings about great memories of playing outside and then being so very fortunate to come inside and be warm and cozy.

WHI allows me to see some great collections of winter photos, but this article is about a very special topic that is close to my heart. Animals. The coldness of winter does not stop these creatures from getting snapped in some awesome photos. Included are animals that we see in the wild and our pets that just enjoy being outside.

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Gift of Passing Forward
There are so many great WHI collections about Winter. Yes, I love getting my images admired but I also think that this WHI community is about showing appreciation and admiration for other collectors. So I am "passing forward the love" this holiday season. Here are 3 great collections that include some winter animals. Take a peek! I think that you will really enjoy these collections. I included my own Winter collection at the end.

Shout out to Paul Francis
Shout out to Fred
Shout out to NorthernTales
My Own Winter Collection

See you soon,

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