Hello hearters! Here is an article where I'm gonna tell you what tattoos I have or I want to and the piercings I have and I want to do. I hope you enjoyed it

I don´t have any tattoo, but I want to do some of them

tattoo image
I want the symbol of my zodiac sign behind my right ear, because I'm a person who is attached to the sign
finger, small, and tattoo image
I want a dragon in my right ankle because it's related with the team I support (Portugal - FC Porto)
Temporarily removed tattoo, waves, and smile image
I want a wave in my left ankle because I'm a person addicted to the ocean and I leave close to the beach and beach is my favorite place.
Image by Lucia Rita Rivelli Image by caftan elegance
I also want an anchor behind my left ear - "Be your own anchor"
Musical Note
music, tattoo, and black and white image Temporarily removed
I want a musical note on my middle finger, because I love music and I'm a little addicted to music
dog, tattoo, and heart image tattoo and black image
I want a tattoo dedicated to my cats and my dog, because I love them
Inspiring Image on We Heart It tattoo, stitch, and disney image
I want a Disney tattoo because I love Disney, I'm really attached to that
Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
I want to tattoo on of my favorite quotes of the song "Life Of The Party" by Shawn Mendes on my back "We don’t have to be ordinary Make your best mistakes Cause we don’t have the time to be sorry So baby be the life of the party"

I have some piercings, I love piercings

beautiful, cool, and ear image helix, cartilage, and ear piercings image
I have three piercings on my cartilage
ear, heart, and industrial image piercing and industrial image
My next piercing will be an industrial piercing, because I really like
Image removed lips, nails, and piercing image
Other piercing I have is in my nose

I hope you liked it. I really like the world of tattoos and piercings. If we like art, there's no better way to express that than our body. See you in my next article <3 <3