Too much thoughts and never end it, but it's quite possible. I always thought, I need all of these, they are protect me from obstacles, but that's not true. I realize I must to go, no matter if I don't know even where. We always walking ahead, but sometimes oversighting opportunities,and talk we just are not doing progress, standing and life is passed through our hands. We don't see what we can to do, even in the biggest shit.
Always you can stand up. Remember always.
Lot of life pass through our hands, because we must to learn, and that makes, nothing in real passed. If you are in shit, that will gone someday. Maybe tommorow. Why not.
I've got a lot of beautiful thoughts in my mind, about life. Every time when they come to me, I feel better. I feel, even if it's nothing to anyone, I can stand up by that. I feel stronger even if nobody don't see how helpful is that. Every soul is useful for great action in that world.

I am often scared by new things,even new ideas for my lifestyle for example. They are exciting and scary in one. Maybe it's just my little fear, but i noticed, often the best things I am doing by standing against the fears. And I am just proud, that I can do anything what I want.

Maybe just human standards make us scared, stressed by normal things? Just make mess in our heads?
What if I think about spider like I think about a puppy? Maybe I can, but that habit, and way, in which I thinking about this by years, make me, I can't see it. But that realize, doing much. Much hope.