We do hang out frequently but we weren’t close as we use to. You were my support and someone who often compliments me. It made me feel better so much whenever you are around. You were the first friend that I introduced anime to and stayed with it. I love your cheesy puns, the way you give me food, and the person that I can trust.

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Back then, I was a bitch. I’m sorry that I kicked you twice on your birthday and I’m sorry I wasn’t a good friend. I felt bad afterward because it was out of line. I was a mentally and physical wreck back then.

You are sweet, honest, and smart. You were the typical smart Asian and you often helped me with homework. I was happy that we were partners in Health during my Sophomore year and then seatmates in Religion. Junior year was fun with you around. I remember you always give me cookies when Ms. Dodge has cookies out.

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Even if you still go to my old school, I still love you and I hope someday we can chat again.

miss ya,