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It is the favorite color of organized and independent people who act by logic and common sense


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It belongs to those who enjoy learning and sharing knowledge with others. It is the color of people with a strong need to express their individuality


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Those who love orange are extroverted. They like to be with people and socialize


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Security and determination describe people who like red. Individuals who prefer action to reflection.


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Behind pink is hide people who seek unconditional love and acceptance of those around them


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If it is your color, you are a perfectionist and you need emotional security in your life. It also denotes a need to help others, a humanitarian instinct


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It is the color of people who seek inner peace and absolute truth. Of those who care about others and their needs


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Green is the color of loyalty, of outspoken people and of those who consider their own reputation as an important aspect in their life


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It is the color of people who are great friends, of those who value stability and simplicity over material things


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It is the color of quiet people, without great aspirations and who can be trusted


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It corresponds to controlling people and those who like power, although they are also individuals who often have an artistic intuition.