Basic Info:

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S. R. Lockwood, 17

Birth Name: Samanthera Rose Lockwood
Nicknames: Sam, Rose
Birth date: 24th May, Gemini
Birthplace: Skye, Scotland
blood status: Pureblood


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Height: 1,72 meter
Weight: 58 Kg
Hair colour: Dark blonde to dark brown ombré
Eye colour: Dark Brown mixed with dark grey


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Don’t take my kindness for weakness. The beast in me is sleeping, not dead
- Hufflepuff


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A Calico cat


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Birthname: Christopher Graham Lockwood
House: Hufflepuff

Birthname: Madelyn Olivia Westfall
House: Ravenclaw


  • Sarcastic (people think it's her ego but it's actually her low selfesteem)
  • Soft
  • insecure
  • try-hard
  • kind
  • charming (But she doesn't know she is)
  • creative
  • enthusiastic
  • gentle
  • loyal
  • possessive
  • a bit stubborn
  • a teeny tiny bit naughty (in a non-dirty way)


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Favourite colour: Peach
Favourite food: Pea soup
Likes: Playing cello, drawing, cuddling, watching leaves fall down during fall, ice coffee and photography.
Dislikes: Gossip, lying, cold freezy fall days and the ocean (it's beautifull, but it scares her for some strange reason)


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Redwood wood with a Phoenix feather core 13" and Slightly Yielding flexibility


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A cute little rat named Florence, always in one of the pockets of her robe.

Yule ball:

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Her date: George Weasley
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She has a huge weak spot for him, and butterbeer :) They're in a secret realationship just to find out how long it takes for his family to find out.

Favourite charms & spells:

Protego The Shield Charm, Magically blocks spells and physical attack

Lumos: The Wand-Lightning Charm, Illuminates caster's wand tip

Silencio: The Silencing Charm, Silences the target

Alohomora: The Unlocking Charm, Unlocks doors and windows

Legilimens: The Legilimency Spell, Allows entry to the target's mind

Stupefy: The Stunning Spell, Renders victims unconscious/halts moving objects

Incarerous: The Incarerous Spell, Binds target with rope

Favourite classes:

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Favourite teachers:

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Minerva Mcgonagall and Remus Lupin

Favourite places:

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The Hufflepuff and Gryffindor commonroom

She has the best late night conversations with Fred and George and just enjoys sneaking into the Gryffindor commonroom :)

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The library and Hogwarts portrets

Everytime she walks up or down the stairs she tries to count all of the portaits but always fails.

Thanks to all of you guys for reading and hearting this. It really means a lot to me since i love writing and creating characters (especially in the HP universe).