I've been dorming with Monroe and Marley. Monroe has been dj-ing. I sing and play piano so we bond over music. I want to tour one day. That's been my dream since I was seven years old. I will make my dream come true somehow.

Marley focuses on magic and I think she wants to be a tattoo artist eventually. I think that's badass. I'd let her do all of my tattoos.

This is one of Marley's sections of our room. She's into dark magic. I don't think she's dangerous, though. She's aloof and very introverted. Extremely different from anyone else I've ever met.

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Monroe has a huge section, but we love what she did with the space.

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Here's a secret room we found where all of us (all of us meaning - monroe, marley, emerson, devon, rhett, dixie, astrid, callie, timothee, kinsley, winnie, and oona) hang out and catch up.

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Turns out, Oona, Astrid, and Callie know of Cora. Oona's sister is the product of Cora's shitty behavior. Oona is the nicest girl I've ever met. Her and Emerson are super close in a short amount of time. Astrid is kind of dark and Timothee is close with her. Who knew Timothee would find a friend! Also, Callie is super chill. We all like her. My best friends. I love them all.

Fun Fact: It's not a requirement to wear uniform here all the time which I like. I like to wear whatever I'm in the mood that day.